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Reading Time: 8 minutes


ავთოAvto Shavadze

Avto Shavadze is a student of the School of Arts and Sciences at Ilia State University. Since his school age, he had a keen interest in journalism, human rights and ecology. He has implemented four social projects. Avto believes that his membership to Georgia Youth Bank has largely determined his active civic life. He is fond of journalism, traveling and photography.


Misinformation that Code on the Rights of the Child labels Georgian Fathers Intolerant

ალაAla Mamariani

Ala Mamariani is the third-year student, studying Conflictology at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ilia State University. She is a graduate of Political Academy at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.  Ala is actively involved in youth activities as well as international or local projects. She is a youth worker at World Vision. She is very curious and loves traveling. Ala speaks five languages: Georgian, Kurmanji, English, Russian and French.


Disinformation, as if the number of migrants is increasing in Sweden

გიგაGiga Tegerashvili

Giga Tegerashvili is the first-year student of Business School at Ilia State University. He has been actively involved in environmental issues for several years.

giorgiGiorgi Inalishvili

Giorgi Inalishvili has MA degree in International Relations from Georgia Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). He has a keen interest in Spain and Latin America. Respectively, his MA thesis was about the basic causes of separatism in the Catalonia region of Spain. Giorgi runs a blog on politics and not only. He has participated in international educational projects. Moreover, Giorgi is fond of photography and traveling.


giorgiGiorgi Loladze

Giorgi Loladze is the fourth-year student, studying International Relations at Free University. At different times, he delivered lectures on political ideologies at the School of Diplomacy of Future Diplomats’ Club. Giorgi gave lectures in politics module at Civic Action School. He underwent internship at Transparency International Georgia. Giorgi speaks English, French and Russian.


Disinformation as if Russia’s Cyberattacks are Confirmed by One Source Only

gigiGigi Gioshvili

Gigi Gioshvili is the first-year student of MA program in Georgian history at Tbilisi State University. In 2014-2018, he studied at the TSU Faculty of Humanities (History). In 2018, he underwent internship at the Library of Tbilisi State University (the Center – Library for the Study of Democratic Republic of Georgia). Gigi participated in various academic conferences and summer schools. He is the author of over 20 scientific papers.

1qGiorgi Orkodashvili

Giorgi Orkodashvili is the first-year student of the School of Arts and Sciences at Ilia State University. In 2017-2018, within the framework of the Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX), he studied in the United States, where he was actively involved in volunteering, as well as planning and implementing various activities. Since 2018, Giorgi works at CENN (Caucasus Environmental NGO Network). He is fond of traveling, hiking and adventures.


Disinformation as if Human Rights are Violated in Abkhazia in the Same Way as in Europe

დDavit Mzhavanadze

Davit Mzhavanadze is the third-year student of the Faculty of Law at Ilia State University. He participated in the project LibCenter implemented by the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics. Since February 2018, Davit is a researcher in the project Embezzlement Detector implemented by the Governance Monitoring Center. He was a participant of the Tbilisi Democracy School created under the patronage of EECM. Davit has a keen interest in public and political issues, tries to be an active citizen.


Disinformation as if Venice Commission Abstains from the Criticism of Georgian Government

დDiana Gevorkyan

Diana Gevorkyan is the second-year student of the Faculty of Management and Public Relations at Free University. Presently, she works at an advertising company “360 Advertising Space” and is also involved in the project “Public University of Caucasian House”. Diana is actively participating in various projects, among them “Global Challenges Forum 2018,”  “School of Business Alphabet,” “Civic Action.” She likes to receive and share interesting information.

ეEldar Javakhidze

Eldar Javakhidze is a student of the Faculty of Law at Free University. At different times, he served as the chairman of the Khulo Youth Sakrebulo (municipal council), regional manager of Youth Self-Government in Zemo Adjara, member of the board of student association Alkinoos and author of the project “Youth Forums in Khulo.”


Myth as if Russia Has Never Violated International Law

The manipulation of Alt-Info that transgender woman in Scotland has been released from judicial responsibility

21Tamuna Macharashvili

Tamuna Macharashvili has MA degree in Public Science from Ilia State University. Presently, she teaches civic education at school. In 2012-2014, Tamuna was a volunteer teacher of the program “Georgian Language for Future Success” in Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli, where she taught Georgian language to ethnic minorities. She participated in the programs of various non-governmental organizations and implemented several projects, basically, aimed at strengthening ethnic minority youth. Tamuna is interested in informal education, social entrepreneurship and wants to have her own social enterprise in future to support and economically strengthen the people with disabilities.


Repeated Conspiracy Theories about the Treaty of Kars

12Tornike Abuladze

Tornike Abuladze is the third-year student of sociology at the School of Arts and Sciences of Ilia State University. He participated in the project LibCenter implemented by the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics. Tornike also took part in the training course “Georgia and European Association” organized by the USAID-funded project Governing for Growth (G4G) and the Academy of the Ministry of Finance. He also participated in SKYE DARTS CLUB (2017-2018), a joint project of World Vision and the Patriarchate of Georgia. Tornike is interested in debates in an informal environment and tries to deepen his critical thinking through attending various information meetings.


Disinformation by the Alliance of Patriots as if USA gifted Javelins to Ukraine, unlike Georgia

tataTatia Nikvashvili

Tatia Nikvashvili is the third-year student of the Faculty of Law at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She is interested in informal education. Tatia is actively participating in various projects and has passed Harvard Law School and TSU Faculty of Law Affiliated Certificate Course in Copyright. She is a member of the European Law Students’ Association and is undergoing an internship at the Tbilisi office of Transparency International Georgia. Tatia dedicates her free time to literature, photography and music.


Politicano spreads satire from NewsThump as a real research

irakliIrakli Gabidzashvili

Irakli Gabidzashvili is the fourth-year student, studying international relations at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He has a keen interest in foreign and domestic policies, especially in the issues related to the post-Soviet space. Irakli is actively participating in international and local projects. He has undergone several internships at international organizations, including the National Democratic Institute (NDI). He is fond of writing scientific and analytical articles. He is the winner of six essay contests.


Disinformation as if the United States Provides Only Military Aid to Georgia

lashaLasha Babukhadia

Lasha Babukhadia was awarded a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from SDASU in 2017. Presently, he is the first-year student of MA program in Public Policy at GIPA. He worked as a journalist and later as a host for Polish media outlet, covering the issue of ethnic minorities. After returning from Poland, he worked at USAID G4G as an adviser in public relations. Lasha is a participant of about 20 international training courses (most of them under the aegis of Erasmus). Presently, he works as a journalist of an entertaining program at Imedi TV.


Basing On A Processed Photo, PIA States That Alien Mummy Was Found In Egypt

maikoLika Chkhetiani

Lika Chkhetiani is a law student at Tbilisi State University. Since her school years, she has participated in various projects, conferences and summer schools. Lika is interested in public and political sciences, philosophy and fiction. She is fond of writing, music and photography. Presently, she dedicates most of her time to learning German and is also working on creation of her own blog.


Manipulation As If Metropolitan Was sentenced To Imprisonment in Greece For Criticizing Homosexuality

Disinformation by the “Alliance of Patriots”, as if NATO Member States Do Dot Participate in Afghanistan Mission

maikoMaiko Ratiani

Maiko Ratiani has a bachelor’s degree in international relations. Presently, she studies on MA degree program in European studies at Ilia State University. She studied at the Universities of Bratislava and Salzburg through Erasmus exchange programs. Maiko has volunteer experience in various spheres, including in organizing educational projects. She underwent internships at the TSU Administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Maiko is fond of reading, traveling and photography. She is interested in journalism and foreign policy.


Manipulation as if the Code on the Rights of the Child Bans Parents from Brining up Children in Religious Faith

Video of Youngsters Allegedly Dancing in the Burnt Notre-Dame is a Manipulation

Editor-in-Chief of Russia Today against the International Media

nanaNana Saralishvili

Nana Saralishvili is the fourth-year student, studying free sciences at Ilia State University. During a year, she worked at the publishing house Siesta. Nana continued her third year of studies at Uppsala University in Sweden through Erasmus + exchange program. Presently, she is an intern at the Department of Student Affairs of Ilia State University. She is fond of literature and is interested in photography.


Disinformation from TV Obiektivi that the West Rigged Presidential Elections in Georgia in 2008

qRati Eristavi

Rati Eristavi is the first-year student of PhD program in Mass Communications at the Faculty of Media Technologies and Social Sciences of Georgian Technical University. He has chosen “Karabakh conflict” as a dissertation topic. Rati is interested in geopolitics, interstate relations and investigative journalism. He actively participates in various training courses, conferences and reports. Eristavi has his own blog, where he posts materials about global developments. He is interested in the so called hybrid threats facing Georgia and therefore, he wants to familiarize himself with the methods of combating disinformation and verifying information.


Statement that Georgian Judges have been Appointed on a Permanent Basis upon EU Demands, is a Manipulation

Manipulation that Anaklia Port Construction is a NATO Provocation

qKetevan Tavdgiridze

Ketevan Tavdgiridze is the fourth-year student of the School of Arts and Sciences at Ilia State University. Since 2018, she is a facilitator of SKYE (Skills and Knowledge for Youth Economic Empowerment) Tbilisi Club. In 2016-2018, Ketevan was involved in political and social researches conducted by Business Consulting Group. In 2015-2017, she, as the program director, coordinated the projects and activities of Adjara Youth Idea. Presently, Ketevan is interested in modern political developments, informal education and popularization of intercultural environment.


Three Lies from Sputnik-Ossetia On The Geneva International Discussions

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