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Reading Time: 8 minutes


ანაAna Khoshtaria

Ana Khoshtaria graduated from the faculty of journalism. She studied public relations in GAU. Presently, Ana is a master’s student at the Media Researches Department in Ilia State University. She underwent an internship at Ratio Tavisupleba and the internet outlet Ana is a Public Relations Manager for a private school.

Contest Material:

Pass the News


Alpha Dominant’s Photo Manipulation on Allowing Boys in Western Schools to Wear Skirts

Kakha Kukava’s Lie about the Ministry of Education Allegedly Authorizing the Teaching of Arabic Language in the First Grade

ანაAni Kistauri

Ani Kistauri is a third-year student in the Science and Art Department, majoring in philosophy and liberal studies at Ilia State University. She participated in the project of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics – Liberalism Study Centre (2017-2018); at the same time, Ana underwent an internship programme at the administration of the Science and Art Department of Ilia State University. In 2016, she was a regional coordinator of the (AGILE) project Youth for Democracy, implemented by the organisation Georgian-American Initiative for Liberal Education. Ana is interested in politics and contemporary events, and gives her free time to art and literature.

Contest Material:

Operation “Infection” Yesterday and Today


TV Obiektivi Host to Kremlin Journalists: “There was no Russian Occupation!”

Geworld Sees the West’s “Insidious Role” in Resolutions on Burying in a Sitting Position and Boar Semen

Geworld Spreads Disinformation by St. Petersburg Troll Factory about Goat Raped by Migrant

Politicano’s Disinformation on the Attack on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

გიგიაGigia Esaiashvili

Gigia Esaiashvili is a second-year student in the Department of International Relations at the University of Georgia. He is actively involved in organising workshops on informal education within various projects. Gigia is interested in information verification and processing. He is keen on foreign languages.

ეკონაEkona Makharamov

Ekona Makharamov finished school this year. In school years, Ekona was actively involved in school Olympiads, training sessions and educational courses. Studying in the Myth Detector Lab has been Ekona’s first activity since finishing school, which is appreciated as an important step towards success.

Contest Material:

Chador ≠ Terrorism


Politicano incites Soviet nostalgy using a manipulative photo showing a 1991 demonstration

თათიაTata Shurghaia

Tata Shurghaia is a second-year student majoring in sociology at the Department of Social and Political Studies at Ivane Javakhishvili State University. She is currently a member of the Group of Young Researchers at the Association HERA XXI. Tata is actively involved in various projects. She is a finalist in the competition on journalistic writing conducted by Free University in 2015. Tata is interested in photography and philosophy. She also likes riding a bicycle.


The Information as if Merkel Called on Georgia to Accept Syrian Refugees is a Lie

თამარTamar Mezvrishvili

Tamar Mezvrishvili is a master’s student in the Department of Social and Political Studies at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, majoring in media and new technologies. Presently, she works in public sector. Tamar has a blog and writes articles in English and Georgian. She is a scout and volunteers for the Georgian Girl Scouts Dia. She is presently interested in setting up her YouTube channel. Tamar likes literature and has won several competitions. Her hobbies include cycling, travelling, reading and writing.

Contest Material:

Wired Information Network


Disinformation by an Obiektivi Host about the US not Investing in Georgia

Manipulation by Alt-Info about Facebook Allegedly Blocking Generation Identity Unreasonably

How Russian Media Faked Interview of George H. W. Bush with The New York Times

The Case of a Raped Alligator – Episode Two


How Russian Media Faked Interview of George H. W. Bush with The New York Times

ლიზიLizie Sreseli

Lizie Sreseli is a Bachelor of Sociology and presently studies for her master’s in mass communications and media researches at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She has participated in various exchange programs. Lizie likes travelling, getting to know new people, cultures and places.


Ultranationalist Businessman’s Photo Manipulation Links Athens Fire to Gay Prid

1qManana Umekashvili

Manana Umekashvili obtained bachelor’s degree in 2017 from the History Department of Ilia State University. She underwent an internship at the university’s information centre and the Public Relations Office of International Academy of Education (IAE). She has finished a six-year programme in music. Currently, Manana works as a history teacher in school. She is keen on writing and interested in journalism and innovations.

ავაკოვიMariam Avakov

Mariam Avakov is a second-year master’s student in Ilia State University. She studies at the Department of Science and Engineering Faculty, majoring in natural management. She has completed professional programmes in photography and moviemaking. Mariam has experience in different spheres such as leadership, volunteering, entrepreneurship, project management, communications, networking and cooperation, training and being a mentor. She is a founder and startupper of a youth organisation called EMG and the project GeoWheat and a graduate of Think Young Entrepreneurship School. She is a young envoy to Europe. Mariam is particularly interested in interaction and obtaining information on useful opportunities. She is fluent in the Armenian, Russian, English and Georgian languages.

Contest Material:

A Tale of Distinguishing Truth from Lies


Asaval-Dasavali Idolizes Belarus and Claims that Europe Accuses Minsk of Violating Human Rights to a Lesser Extent

მარიამMariam Darbaidze

Mariam Darbaidze is a first-year student in the Department of Social and Political Studies at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She is currently interested in informal education and volunteering. She is currently undergoing an internship in digital marketing. Mariam travels in her free time. She is keen on sport and sports photography.


Alt-info manipulates religious and sexual identities

მარიამMariam Nutsubidze

Mariam Nutsubidze is a second-year law student at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She is actively involved in student conferences and writes articles on law. From an early age, Mariam has been interested in media, constantly observing its activities.


The Claim that the Constitutional Court made the Orthodox Church equal with Sects is False

მარიამMariam Sisauri

Mariam Sisauri is a first-year student in the Department of Management and Social Studies at Free University. She is currently the organiser of Art Weekend 2018 and ambassador of the project, funded by USAID and implemented by ICDC – Building Debating Technique Skills Among the Youth. Mariam is actively involved in volunteer activities and civic activism. She is keen on receiving and sharing new and interesting information. Mariam reads books in her free time.


Statement by Konstantine Gamsakhurdia that the Majority of the Buildings Under Construction belong to Iranians and Arabs, is Groundless

მარიამიMariam Tabatadze

Mariam Tabatadze studies in the Department of International Relations at the University of Georgia. She is a second-year student. Recently, together with friends, Mariam founded an organisation called the Centre of Young Political Scientists. She is involved in various projects that are being implemented within the university and outside it. She is interested in political science and plans to continue studies in this direction. She likes reading books, listening to music and being with her friends.

Contest Material:

Anatomy of a Blue Whale

ნატაNata Tughushi

Nata Tughushi is a first-year student in the Business School at Ilia State University. She chose economics and finances, being, in her opinion, one of the important and indispensable professions for the development of public life and the country. Nata is actively involved in civic activism. She is interested in human rights, development of free market and employment policy. Nata is keen on music.


Geworld Spreads News by Russian Troll Factory on Legalization of Necrophilia and Bestiality in Europe

ნატროშვილიNina Natroshvili

Nina Natroshvili is the president of Erasmus Student Network. She is a graduate of the Department of European Studies at Caucasus University. Nina underwent practice in various organisations and agencies, inter alia, the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy and Transparency International, Georgia. She endeavours to extend positive influence over others on a daily basis, be it through volunteering or activism for justice and equality.


Geworld: Drug Use Considered Bad Manners in Russia; Statistics: Drug Addiction Rates Higher in Russia than in European Countries


Geworld: Drug Use Considered Bad Manners in Russia; Statistics: Drug Addiction Rates Higher in Russia than in European Countries

მიქელაძეNino Tsaava

Nino Tsaava is a third-year student in the bachelors’ programme of Science and Art Studies at Ilia State University, majoring in sociology. She is interested in journalism and philosophy and involved in various activities and grant projects.


Claims about Iranians Allegedly Buying 70% of Apartments in Tbilisi are Groundles

სოფოSophie Gogitadze

Sophie Gogitadze is a first-year student in the International Relations Department at Free University. She is interested in documentary photography and creating multimedia content. Sophie volunteered for various projects at the House of Justice. She is interested in civic activism.

Contest Material:

#welcome to Georgia: Turkophobia in Comments


Myths by Georgia and World about Children’s Code and Juvenile Justic

Giorgadze’s Claims about Hepatitis C Treatment Program Allegedly Causing Death are Groundless

ექსეულიძეSopo Ekseulidze

Sopo is a student at the International Relations Department of Free University, majoring in European Atlantic studies. She delivers lectures for school pupils at the Club for Future Diplomats in the following subjects: international law, political systems of European countries and the political system of the United States. Sopo is always keen to extend her informal education; and fluent in the English, Russian and French languages. She likes interacting with people and cognition.


Geworld Manipulates NATO Secretary General’s Words

Disinformation by Geworld about Stingers and Javelins being Allegedly Useless

ხაიატKhaiat Nasibova

Khaiat Nasibova is a second year student majoring in psychology at Ilia State University. Khaiat is a member of Tbilisi Youth Centre; participated in a debate competition and believes that individual liberty and purposefulness are most important.
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