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Giorgi Revishvili

Giorgi Revishvili is a Master Program student of Nationalism and Ethnic Studies at Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University (TSU). He is participant of National Security and Public Policy program at Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Rondeli Foundation). He studied at Viadrina European University in Germany – Faculty of European Studies (2016). Giorgi Revishvili worked at NGO “YES Georgia”, where he was engaged in various projects related to NATO and EU. In 2016, he was invited lecturer at NATO Academy.


Disinformation: USA spread Cholera in Yemen

ORT Accuses Reuters of Lying, Reuters Blames the Kremlin for Distorting Syria’s Death Statistics

Falsifying History: Georgia Lost Historical Lands because of Germany

The Claim that 80,000 Children in Finland were not Returned to their Parents by the State is Wrong

Fidget Spinners Part of Conspiracy against Kremlin

Disinformation: The number of Crimes Committed by Immigrants in France and Germany Increases

Disinformation: NATO Seeks Dialogue with Russia

Georgia and world falsified an address Georgia and world falsified an address by general Vincent r. Stewartby general Vincent r. Stewart

Disinformation that NATO will not protect Baltic states in case of Russia’s aggression

Myth about Georgia’s neutrality and “non-block status”

Imedinews, based on sputnik, labels NATO’s humanitarian intervention in Serbia an “aggression”

Contest Material: Soviet Media and Parallel Stories

დეაDea Maghalashvili

Dea Maghalashvili studies International Relations at Ilia State University. She undertook Leadership and Strategic Organizational basic course conducted by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. Since 2016 she has been the member of the Georgia’s Young Diplomatic Club, worked on various projects, conducted trainings about “body language”. Currently, Dea is passing the internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She speaks English, Russian, German and French languages.


Contest Material: “TV Obiektivi” Host Refuses the Annexation of Georgia by Russia

Video: Russian Occupation in Georgia

Politicano publishes a photo-manipulation about Zbigniew Brzezinski

ლუკაLuka Bibineishvili

Luka Bibineishvili is the third grade student of the School of Law and Politics at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). Since 2013 Luka is a volunteer of Khelvachauri Youth Center. He is a founder of the Intellectual Club of Khelvachauri Youth Center and moderator of Readers and Filmmakers Club.


Contest Material: Disinformation: New legislation takes away custody of children from homophobic parents in Canada

Photo manipulation by Sakinformi

მაკოMako Zhorzholiani

In 2007, Maiko Zhorzholiani graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, direction – Public Geography. In 2015-2016 she was the Service Manager of Cavea Cinemas. At various times, she served as a Manager of Ltd “GoodMark” and as an Administrator at GL-Market Ltd. Currently, she works at Ltd “French Baker”.


Contest Material: Politicano’s Manipulation on Wisconsin Milk Strike 

მარიMari Gelashvili

Mari Gelashvili graduated from Law Master Program at Tbilisi State University. She worked as a lawyer at NGO “Identoba”. Since 2015, she has been working as a trainer with juveniles in the field of law and informal education. Mari publishes blogs and reviews on various topics.


18+: disseminated video of “organ trading” depicts victims of Russian air bombing in Syria instead of black market trade victims in Turkey

Baghaturia shares disinformative photos about alleged raids in Ukrainian Orthodox churches

Photo FAKE: Orthodoxy is being fought in Ukraine

Politicano’s photo and factual manipulation about Hillary Clinton

The video, which racist Facebook pages have uploaded on happenings in the Tbilisi Metro, is manipulative

Contest Material: Coverage of Terrorism in Russian Media (Multimedia)


მარიამMariam Phedrov

Mariam Phedrov graduated from Ilia State University, the faculty of Psychology and Art in 2015. She works at Public Relations Department of Ilia State University; in addition, she is a senior specialist of library service. Mariam Phedrov was a volunteer therapist at the Medical and Health Center “Ridemed”. She has undergone practical and theoretical courses in script writing. She published blogs (photo-video studio blog “Utskography”).


Photo fabrication by Politicano about Ronald Reagan 

Kaspersky lab, accused of collaboration with Russian federal security service (FSB), is in Georgia

Contest Material: Soviet Nostalgia in Media

მარი ცხოვრებასვილიMariam Tskhovrebashvili

Mariam Tskhovrebashvili is a student of Master Program in Media Studies at Ilia State University. In 2014-2015 she was a member of the Association of Young Researchers and Sociologists of Georgia. At various times she has served as the interviewer in Pankisi Gorge within Domestic Violence project of Women’s Information Center, interviewer of Cultural Events Department at Tbilisi City Hall, Research Officer at Research Center of Modern Theater. Currently, she works as a Project Manager at the Peace Development Center. She is involved in the activities of Berghof Foundation Caucasus Programme.

Disinformation about the EU allegedly recognizing the independence of the occupied South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Contest Material: Islam is not a terrorism! (multimedia)

მარიტაMarita Mazanishvili

Marita Mazanishvili is a student of Law Faculty at Free University. She works at Tbilisi office of Transparency International Georgia. She passed an internship at the Tolerance and Diversity Center. Marita worked as the assistant of Law Philosophy Professor at Free University and as volunteer at New York Care in New York. She loves traveling alone – especially by train, meeting interesting people and listening to their stories, literature and writing book reviews. She is interested in philosophy, human rights, contemporary media, mental health, graphic design, and space.


5 Lies by Leonid Kalashnikov Concerning Moldova’s Integration Process with the European Union

Disinformation: U.S., Britain financed Hitler during WWII

Quiz  – About II World War

Timeline – II World War

Contest Material: Religion for Propaganda

ნიკა გურინიNika Gurini

Nika Gurin studies Law at Ilia State University. In 2016 he undertook the Courses in Olympic Sports Organization Management, Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Marketing and Important Sport Events. In 2015-2016, he severed as the Chairperson of Kvareli Youth Council within the project “Youth Self-Governance” implemented by NNLE “Human, Law, Freedom”. Currently, he is the PR Manager of Olympic Vice Champion of Azerbaijan.


How Fake News About Three Arabs Raping a Georgian Girl Was Spread

Infographic: How Fake News About Three Arabs Raping a Georgian Girl Was Spread

Disinformation: Georgia was put on the list of endangered countries

Photo fabrication by ‘Politicano’ presents Chinese soldiers instead of a military operation in Burma

Manipulation by and Imedinews as if Georgian Judoist suffered defeat during the course of the World Championship for wearing a cross around the neck

Contest Material: Presenting Satire as a Real Story

ნავრუზNovruz Mekhtiev

Novruz Mekhtyev is the student of the Faculty of Science and Art at Ilia State University. He works as a trainer on domestic violence issues and is involved in preparing the courses for students of Ilia State University.


Contest Material: Photo Manipulation by Asaval-Dasavali about NATO

რაუფRauf Makharamov

Rauf Makharamov is a student of European Studies, Faculty of Science and Art at Ilia State University. He is the winner of exchange program announced by the Institute of Strategic Studies of Georgia and the Swedish Embassy in 2015. He is a member of Tbilisi Youth Center (PITA) organization based in cooperation with Ilia State University, UN Association and ALPE. Rauf works at Public Relations Department at Ilia State University.

A fictional News Article about Women in Saudi Arabia being Confirmed as Domestic Animals

Contest Material: Sinner for Propaganda

რეაფაელRafiel (Andria) Kakabadze

Rafiel  Kakabadze studies law at Free University. He worked as an assistant of Professor of History of law at Free University. He wants to study human rights. In addition, he is engaged in sport and cultural activities.


Disinformation: The West Destroyed Gaddafi’s Socially Equal State

Disinformation: Albania’s Economy Shrank because of Signing the Association Agreement

Lado Bedukadze’s and tb24’s disinformation on Russia’s economy

Contest Material: 18+:’s Videofabrication about the Trade of Syrian Children’s Organs

18+: a photo-manipulation by on alleged children organ trade actually uses photos from Damascus, Indonesia and Abkhazia events

რობერტRobert Symonian

Robert Simonyan graduated from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Ilia State University in 2012. He was  participant of the AIESEC program “World without Borders”. Within the program he was visiting Ukraine in 2009-2010. Robert Simonyan knows English, Russian, Georgian and Armenian languages.


Contest Material: Disinformation: Syrian government has not used the chemical weapon

სოფოSopo Shubitidze

Sopho Shubitidze graduated from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. In 2015-2016, Sopho worked as a project assistant in civil movement Multinational Georgia; she was Coordinator of the International Foundation for the Blind Children, the invited expert of Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Since 2013 she has been the founder member and young researcher of Leftists Union ” Tbilisi Fabian Society “. Currently, she is the assistant of PR Manager at “Accessibility Environment for Everyone”. Sopho is the author of the “Georgian Leftist Chrestomathy”, she has published a number of articles in the journal “Modern Politics.”


Politicano Falsified a Material from Daily Mail

Attempt to distort the Katyn massacre

Disinformation of Izvestiya (Известия) and Geworld about the Russian Minorities Residing in Latvia

Contest Material: Georgian Public Broadcaster and the Coverage of Ethnic Minorities

გიორგი ლიქოკელი

Giorgi Liqokeli

Giorgi Liqokeli graduated from Humanitarian Sciences Faculty of Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University (TSU) and got Bachelor degree in Philosophy in 2014.  At various times he has participated in literary competitions and received top grade diplomas. He chaired the Education and Science Department of TSU Student Self-Government, he was an elected delegate. In 2013, Giorgi Liqokeli was nominated as the TSU best training-idea author; in 2014, he became the member of the Youth Parliament of Georgia. He delivered lectures within “Closer to Internet – 50+”, a joint program of “Geocell” and “Geolab”.   Currently serves as the Public Relations Manager at SchoolBook – Innovators Group Georgia.
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