Muslim Parents Do not Demand Removal of Pork from School Canteens in Canada

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


March 18, a nationalist Facebook page Georgian Idea released a story, according to which Muslim parents in Canada demanded the removal of pork from school canteens in Montreal and its suburbs. Georgian Idea also reports that the Mayor of Dorval has allegedly called on Muslim parents to change their lifestyle and integrate into the society. The post has been shared by 711 persons (as of March 25).


The story about Muslim parents allegedly demanding the removal of pork from school canteens in Canada represents disinformation. The story first started to circulate via e-mails in 2013 and it referred to Belgium instead of Canada. Since 2013, the disinformation has involved various cities and countries. The Mayor’s false remarks are also attributed to the Mayors of various cities of Belgium, Canada da Australia.

Five years have passed since the disinformation about the demand to remove pork from school canteens was first disseminated.

The Muslim parents’ demand with an identical text for removal of pork from school canteens was first disseminated in 2013. But the demand was addressed not to the Mayor of Dorval, but to Mayor of Ath, Marc Duvivier. The latter’s false response was also circulated via e-mails and it is identical to the post uploaded by Georgian Idea in 2018. Duvivier not only denied having made the statement attributed to him, he also denied that any request about removing pork from canteens had ever been presented to him.







Violation: Disinformation
Country: Canada


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