MEP Viola von Cramon Commends Myth Detector’s Work

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On 26 April 2023, Viola von Cramon, a Member of the European Parliament, published a video on her official Twitter page, where she addressed the Kremlin-style smear campaign pursued against her in Georgia, stating that the “award of the “troll of the month” goes to Georgian trolls, who have even surpassed their Russian counterparts.” Namely, the MEP discussed two false claims disseminated against her on Georgian social and traditional media and commended the vital role of independent fact-checking organizations, particularly “Myth Detector,” for its fight against the spread of disinformation.

In the video, von Cramon discussed two disinformation claims that were identified and debunked by “Myth Detector” and targeted the MEP.

The first case revolved around von Cramon’s ancestry, where a number of pro-Kremlin actors falsely claimed that the MEP’s maiden name was Gehring, which made her a “genetic and spiritual” descendant of Luftwaffe Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring. Myth Dectector’s investigation revealed that the high-ranking official of Nazi Germany and the MEP have, in fact, different surnames, which are even spelled differently in the Latin alphabet. von Cramon herself noted that an identical lie was dispersed by Russia years ago. 

Disinformation Viola von Cramon is the Descendant of Hermann Goring 1 MEP Viola von Cramon Commends Myth Detector’s Work

In the second case, Georgian-language Facebook accounts distributed an altered video of a drunken woman at her wedding, swapping the faces of the unknown woman and Viola von Cramon. In this case, too, Myth Detector was able to locate the original video on TikTok, proving that instead of von Cramon, it, in fact, depicted a woman named Nicola at her wedding party.

qhalbi realuri viola kramoni 1 MEP Viola von Cramon Commends Myth Detector’s Work
Notably, the smear campaign against von Kramon intensified after she joined the protest in support of Lazare Grigoriadis on April 1, 2023, who was arrested on the charge of throwing a “Molotov cocktail” during the protests of March 7-9. Back then, the MEP noted that she was there to “show solidarity with the person who was arrested and to the population, which is very supportive of pro-Western and pro-European positions.”

This step of the MEP was harshly criticized by the members of the ruling “Georgian Dream” party, who claimed that von Cramon’s decision was aimed at promoting the agenda of the radical opposition and supporting violent actions.



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