Manipulations about the Association Agreement Allegedly Violating the Sovereignty of Georgia

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Statements that hold that the integration of Georgia in the Western institutions is allegedly the same as violating the sovereignty of the country periodically appear in the Georgian media. For instance, a host of the Night Studio on TV Obiektivi, Nino Ratishvili, while discussing pro-Russian political parties with a political scientist Tamar Kiknadze on October 30, stated that free and independent Georgia takes opinions of the Western partners into account, which can be considered as a humiliating act for Georgia. According to Tamar Kiknadze, Georgia willingly refused to make a completely sovereign decision, when it signed the Association Agreement with the European Union, which implies harmonization with the Western laws.

The claim that by signing the Association Agreement, Georgia refused to make a sovereign decision, is false. The signing of the Association Agreement was determined by Georgia’s will to share the common European values, which imply protecting human rights and basic freedoms and respecting democratic principles and the rule of law.

The preamble of the Association Agreement signed between the EU and Georgia explains that the signing of the agreement had been conditioned by close ties and common values between the signing parties, which means:

  • Protection of human rights and main freedoms, including minority rights;
  • Acknowledging democratic principles and the rule of law.

The Association Agreement clearly notes that both parties will facilitate the respect for the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, sanctity of borders and independence.

The European countries take responsibility to facilitate the implementation of respective reforms in Georgia and to contribute to the political, socio-economic and institutional development process via multilateral cooperation.

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Topic: Politics
Violation: Manipulation

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