Manipulation of juvenile justice issues in Palitra News program

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


Speculations concerning the juvenile justice issues with anti-Western context continue to take place in various media outlets.

On July 17, in the program of Palitra News, Talk Show with Palavandishvili, the host, Guram Palavandishvili, assessed the juvenile justice as a deliberate struggle against family, while the head of the Orthodox Fathers’ Union, Avtandil Ungiadze, broadened this topic and evaluated it as destruction of family by a world political elite through legislation. A representative of political party “Kartuli Dasi”, Jondi Baghaturia, on the other hand, presented the juvenile justice as a directive of the USA and the EU that aims to interfere in the family from the side of the state institutes under the motive of child rights.

Real Facts

The main goal of the Juvenile justice is rehabilitation rather than punishment of juveniles who violate the law. Such system is aimed at establishment of the individual approach towards minor offenders, the goal being resocialization of minors and their inclusion into rehabilitation programs.Juvenile justice is based on human rights and fundamental principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Groundless myths and incorrect opinions about the juvenile justice are disseminated in the Georgian media periodically. “Myth Detector” has prepared several articles and infographics on this issue. This narrative is identical with the one from the Russian media, according to which, the West promotes the destruction of family institute and degradation (see the infographic).

In reality, a very drastic trend of violence against children and their mortality has been reported in Russia that is also indicated in the common organizations’ reports. 


According to the World Health Organization’s European Report on Preventing Child Maltreatment for 2013, child mortality rates are highest in Russia across the European Region. Biological parents are responsible for about 80% of deaths, including children under the age of one year. The commonest method used to kill children is suffocation or strangulation; sharp objects, drowning, firearms and physical blows are also used quite commonly.

Please see the information about the juvenile legislation on the following links:

The myths that Juvenile legislation is directed against the institution of family are groundless

Manipulation with Juvenile justice issue by Russian propaganda and violence statistics



Guram Palavandishvili, the host of the program “Talk Show with Palavandishvili”: “This is a deliberate struggle against family.”

Avtandil Ungiadze, the head of “Orthodox Parents’ Union”: “The process of demonization of the world has gone too far… Unfortunately, very powerful mechanisms, leverages have already been created in the face of laws and various institutions that pursue the goals set by the world political elite. The primary target is, of course, is family, the destruction of family.”

Jondi Baghaturia, politician: “This is an intervention of state institution in family with the motive of child or women’s rights. The most unfortunate is that our state is governed not by our Government, or our people. It is rather governed from the outside, meaning that the Government is a puppet, and no one hides this: President, Speaker of the Parliament, Ministers – all declare that they have faithfully met the recommendations of the United States or the European Union.”

Talk Show with Palavandishvili, July 17, 2016

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