Is the Wheat Shipped to Georgia Linked to the Rockefeller Family?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

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After Russia banned wheat exports until July 1 amid the coronavirus pandemic, Georgia received 27,000 tons of wheat from the United States. The fact triggered speculations and anti-American sentiments that is a continuation of the narrative that Georgia allegedly has no alternative except for Russia and that the U.S. aid serves perfidious interests.  

In its May 18-24 issue, Georgian tabloid Alia published a Facebook post by Georgian emigrant living in the United States nicknamed Goga Tbilisi, who casts doubt on the quality of the wheat delivered by the United States. On May 13, Alia published the same post on its online platform as well. According to the story, the wheat donated by the United States contains toxins and causes deadly diseases. The author also claims that we should not trust American wheat, because this business belongs to the Rockefeller Holding in the United States.

Alia, Goga Tbilisi, emigrant: “Right now, hundreds of thousands of tons of wheat are being shipped from the United States to Georgia. The Georgian population should know the biological composition of this wheat, since wheat business belongs to the Rockefeller Holding in the United States. The population should demand an independent testing for the U.S. wheat. People should know what they eat – genetically modified food full of toxins and harmful nanocells, which cause lots of deadly diseases, or food full of natural ingredients… Always remember that nobody donates anything in modern world unless it contains a donator’s perfidious interests…”


The information spread by Alia is a groundless conspiracy theory. The United States donated 27,000 tons of high-quality wheat to Georgia and it has nothing to do with the Rockefeller Holding. Speaking with the Myth Detector, the Ministry of Agriculture noted that the quality of imported wheat is tested at the border and the information as if American wheat contains toxins is a lie. 

  • Georgia received high-quality Hard Red Winter Wheat from the United States. 

To verify the information, the Myth Detector reached out to the press office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia. The latter said that the information spread by Alia is not true. The Ministry stated that the quality of imported wheat is tested by the Customs Service.  

The first shipment of high-quality U.S. wheat arrived in Georgia on December 6, 2019. Hard Red Winter Wheat can be used as an option for high-quality bread and pastries. Georgia also received an additional 27,000 tons of high-quality U.S. wheat in May 2020. U.S. Ambassador Kelly Degnan said that the wheat was donated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), through its Food for Progress program, to support Georgia during the outbreak. She also noted that as other countries are banning export of their wheat and grains, the U.S. is finding ways to help Georgia by providing more wheat. 

The USDA Food for Progress program helps developing countries and emerging democracies modernize and strengthen their agricultural sectors. U.S. agricultural commodities donated to recipient countries are sold on the local market and the proceeds are used to support agricultural, economic or infrastructure development programs. 

  • The wheat delivered to Georgia has nothing to do with the Rockefeller Holding.

Ambassador Degnan said that as part of the Food for Progress program, they are working with Land O’Lakes Venture 37. The latter is working on the development of agricultural projects and there are no Rockefellers among its executives

John Rockefeller, an American business magnate and philanthropist, and his family frequently become the targets of conspiracy theories. A conspiracy theory as if the Rockefeller family members are the shadow rulers of the world, controlling everything and seeking overall obedience, is periodically spread. Linking the Rockefeller family to the wheat is just a continuation of this conspiracy theory. The Rockefeller family is mainly involved in oil and real estate businesses, as well as research and educational projects. In 1943, the Rockefeller Foundation entered into a cooperative agricultural research program with the government of Mexico aimed to improve wheat crops. 

About Goga Tbilisi Tbilisi

Facebook user Goga Tbilisi Tbilisi spreads conspiracy theories. On May 2, the same Facebook user wrote that the coronavirus pandemic had been masterminded, citing Russian conspiracy theory about the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics as an example. The Myth Defector has already verified this conspiracy theory in its earlier publication. 


Prepared by Maiko Ratiani

Topic: Economics
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Country: USA

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