Is New York Going to Have a Georgian Vice Mayor?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On November 4th, the online editions and Wnews published information about the Georgian emigrant Diana Bagrationi allegedly becoming the vice mayor of New York City.


The disseminated information about Diana Bagrationi becoming the vice mayor of New York is false. In fact, Diana Bagrationi herself denied the claims. The shared images were posted by Bagrationi herself on her Facebook page along with the commentary to congratulate the newly-elected mayor of New York, Eric Adams, on his win in the mayoral elections.

The false information about her wasshared by the user Maiko Kusiani Machabeli as well; however, she later apologized for spreading incorrect information, noting that Diana Bagrationi herself contacted her and asked her to correct the information.

The images werepublished on Bagrationi’s Facebook page on November 3rd, after Eric Adams emergedvictorious in the mayoral elections. Bagrationi congratulated him on his success.


Diana Bagrationi has beenliving in New York for several decades and is engaged in charity work.  She is leading the “Diana Bagrationi Foundation” which seeks to help children diagnosed with cancer.

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