Indian Soldiers Became Incapacitated not by Vaccination but by Sun Exposure

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On August 27th, the Facebook user ‘Nino Nino’ published a 22-second-long video showing soldiers unconsciously lying on the ground, with other military personnel trying to help them. Nino Nino claims that several Indian soldiers who were vaccinated received a heart attack during military training. On August 28th, the same video was shared by the user Karen Jitsuryoku in the group “Corona Mafia.”


The posts about Indian soldiers are being circulated with false descriptions. In fact, the reason for their loss of consciousness during the military training was the abnormally high temperature and sunstroke, while there is no evidence linking the incident to vaccination.

In order to determine the accuracy of the aforementioned posts, we have utilized the InVID tool, by which we have deconstructed the video and used the derived parts to find the original one.

The full version of the video has been published on the YouTube channel of LiveNewsBharat, a regional news outlet. The description of the video states that one soldier has died, while more than 30 others lost consciousness during a military exercise near the Indian city of Pathankot. According to the senior officer, the cause of the incident was unbearable weather conditions and high temperature. The incident occurred during a 10-kilometre mileage when soldiers carried weapons and ammunition while the weather was hot and humid. There is no evidence that the incident had anything to do with coronavirus vaccination.

The video was also fact-checked by the organizations such as The Times of India and Factly, who labelled the claim about the alleged side effects of vaccines as false information.

About the Source

The manipulative video was uploaded by a Facebook profile, “Nino Nino,” which is most likely a fake account since it does not showcase any image revealing their identity, while the URL address indicates dato.okribelashvili.77. At various times, the account has been publishing posts directed against the Namakhvani HPP and supported ‘ERI’ – the political party of Levan Vasadze.


The disinformation disseminated by ‘Nino Nino’ has been fact-checked by “Myth Detector” before. See:

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