How Russia today deleted the trace of cluster bombs

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Reading Time: < 1 minute


Russia Today (RT) is Russian government – funded TV network which brings the Kremlin’s messages to an audience outside Russia. Unfortunately, the messages disseminated by Russia Today are frequently very far from the existing reality.

Russian authorities constantly deny the usage of cluster bombs in Syria, despite evidence to the contrary. Russia Today regularly covers the actions of the Russian army in Syria, showing the soldiers, the weapons and also the jets.

Analysts of the Conflict Intelligence Team revealed that, while covering the official visit of the Minister of Defense of Russia to Hmeymim airbase, Russia today released the information which shows that Russian jets carry RBK-500 ZAB 2.5SM cluster bombs.

RT quickly edited the video to hide the evidence of disinformation and manipulation – but it was already too late. RT was accused of “covering up war crimes”.

Using cluster bombs is prohibited by more than 100 countries, as they pose dangerous risks to civilians. In 2008, Convention of Cluster Munitions was adopted in Dublin, entered into force and afterwards became binding international law.

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