How did “Pigeon” and “God is My Life” turn into Giorgi Gakharia

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After the resignation of Georgia’s prime minister Giorgi Gakharia on February 18, several Facebook accounts (Gakharias Partiis Mkhardamcherebi (Supporters of Gakharia’s Party), Gakharia Dabrundes (Let Gakharia Return), public groups, and pages supporting the former minister appeared on the social network. “Myth Detector” detected 14 Facebook pages that were made to support the former prime minister at different times and for different reasons. They could be split into two different categories:

  1. Pages created before February 18, 2021, that changed their names after Gakharia’s resignation, turning into the former prime minister’s supporters;
  2. Pages that have been created after Gakharia’s resignation since February 18:

1. Pages that changed their name

Page Name

Creation Date

Name Change History

გიორგი გახარია (Giorgi Gakharia);

January 12, 2021

The page changed its name several times: At first, it was called „მტრედი“ (“Pigeon”), then „შვიდი“ (“Seven”), and finally turned into “გიორგი გახარია” (“Giorgi Gakharia”)

Gakharia & Media;

October 9, 2011

A page created on October 9, 2021, to support Bidzina Ivanishvili, changed its name on March 23 to Gakharia & Media

გახარია – პოლიტიკა (Gakharia – Politics)

April 9, 2020

A page created in April of 2020 named “Ufalia Chemi cxovreba” (“God is My Life”) first turned into “საქართველოს დედა ეკლესია” (“Mother Church of Georgia”) and on March 24 – “გახარია – პოლიტიკა” (“Gakharia – Politics”)

გახარია – მესამე ძალა (Gakharia – Third Power);

June 15, 2018

A page created in June of 2018 called “მათემატიკა“ (“Math”), after several changes, turned into “გახარია – მესამე ძალა” (“Gakharia – Third Power”)

გახარია მესამე ძალა (Gakharia Third Power);

April 26, 2021

A page created on April 26, 2021, named “გოდერძი ჩოხელი” (“Goderdzi Chokheli”) turned into “გახარია მესამე ძალა” (“Gakharia Third Power”). Conversely to the previous page, a hyphen is not present here.

მნიუსი (Mnews);

August 21, 2010

A page created on August 21, 2010, named “Martvilis qogale” turned into “Mnews”, a supporter of the former prime minister, appearing as an information page

It should be noted that the Facebook page created on August 21, 2010, Martvilis qogale, which changed its name several times, last of which was მნიუსი (Mnews) on August 21, 2020, has recently been spreading posts in support of Giorgi Gakharia.

2. Pages created after February 18

Page Name

Creation Date

გახარიას მხარდამჭერები

February 18, 2021

გახარიას პარტიის მხარდამჭერები

April 2, 2021

გიორგი გახარია&ახალი პოლიტიკური ძალა

March 23, 2021

გახარია გიორგი

March 23, 2021

გიორგი გახარია

April 15, 2021

გახარია ოპოზიციაში

February 20, 2021

გახარია & მედია

March 29, 2021

გახარია news

25 March, 2021


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