How are the COVID-19 vaccine, quantum tattoo, and control over the population linked to each other?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes


Update: The original version indicated that patent number 060606 could not be found in Google’s patent database. On December 25th, the article was corrected to add information about the application registered at WIPO under the number WO/2020/060606, which relates to a cryptocurrency mining system.

On the 26th of August, invited guest therapist Nona Aghdgomelashvili discussed COVID-19 on the program “Night Studio” on “Obiektivi” TV channel. According to her, there is a “COVID-19 Project” that consists of several stages and aims to exercise full control over an individual. Per the respondent’s statement, the first stage of this project is COVID-19 vaccination. The second stage is a quantum tattoo, third – “digital identification label” that she links to the “ID 2020” project, and she names the fourth stage to be an implant, i.e., chip, which will exercise full control over human life. She mentions that the serial number of the mentioned chip’s patent is 060606.

Nona Aghdgomelashvili, Obiektivi: “…Vaccine is the first stage, the second stage is a quantum tattoo, the third stage already is a digital identification label that will be located [on the wrist] per project “ID 2020” and the fourth stage is an implant that we call chip, I don’t know, this is how I understand, it determines our existence, meaning what will we buy, what will we sell, i.e., the information transferred on the chip will determine our life, i.e., physical existence, social status. In other words, the system determines should we live or not, go – come back, reproduce or not and the serial number of this patent is 060606”.

Nona Aghdgomelashvili’s statement that the project linked to COVID-19 supposedly aims to implant a chip with a number 060606 into people is another conspiration. The link of the stages named in the framework of this project: “COVID-19” vaccination, quantum tattoos a project “ID 2020” is a manipulation. 1. Quantum tattoo is an innovation of 2019 that entails to implant medical history card into the human body and isn’t approved yet. 2. Project “ID 2020” is a non-governmental organization and project that entails to provide digital identification to 1,5 billion undocumented people worldwide. 3. Moreover, Patent number 060606 cannot be found on GOOGLE’s patent database. 

   1. Quantum tattoo isn’t linked to COVID-19 vaccination. This is an invention of 2019 that will record vaccination history into humans. The mentioned method isn’t approved. 

In 2019, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) presented a new invention “Quantum Dots Technology”, also called quantum tattoo, at a conference. This innovative method aims to record information about vaccination using quantum dots on any part of the body (mostly, the wrist). Quantum dots are crystals that reflect light rays (for example, smartphone) of a certain length. It is injected into the skin with the vaccine. At first, the mentioned medical card resembles a micro band-aid that fades away over time to the point where only a less noticeable tattoo remains. According to inventors, not only will this make the systemization of medical information easier, but also will help determine the medical history of the emergency patient in extreme circumstances (heart attack, loss of consciousness).


Shortly after the presentation of this unique invention (March 18, i.e., the onset of a pandemic), Bill Gates announced on Reddit forum that in case of vaccine (worth mentioning that his foundation has already committed millions of dollars to studies of COVID-19), we will use digital certificates to determine – who were tested, who were vaccinated and who recovered. Afterward, disinformation regarding how Bill Gates refers to quantum tattoos when discussing digital certificate that aims to exercise control over the population was disseminated on social media. Actually, this digital certificate is similar to an electronic signature that is used for sending encrypted information on the internet. It has been used for many years and its’ safety was approved by Telecommunication Standardization Bureau back in 1988.

  2. Project “ID 2020” has no link to “COVID-19”. It aims to officially register millions of undocumented, illegal people worldwide.

Nowadays, millions of people reside illegally in foreign counties; in numerous developing countries, many people are left without documents due to a faulty system. This hinders their full integration into society and increases the risks of illegal activities. The non-governmental organization “ID 2020” aims to solve this problem and plans to create an identification chip. Providing identification documents to an unregistered people is one of the goals of U.N’s “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. It’s worth mentioning that project ID 2020 hasn’t started yet and is the subject of review. As for personal safety – the fifth point of the said project’s manifesto reads: “We believe that individuals must have control over their own digital identities, including how personal data is collected, used, and shared”. It should be emphasized that in the case of these people, the need for the chip arises from the fact that they often lose documents due to unstable condition.


3. Microsoft’s patent application WO/2020/060606 can indeed be found in the database, although it is not related to implanting chips in humans and concerns cryptocurrency

On March 26th, 2020, Microsoft filed a patent under the number WO/2020/060606 with the World Intellectual Property Organization. This number has given rise to conspiracies, although it is not related to the pandemic, vaccination or chips at all. In fact, the application is about cryptocurrency mining and a system that will work based on people’s activity. For example, the specific activity of people on the Internet, watching ads or other tasks will be determined by sensors, and the energy used in the subsequent activity will be converted into data and used for cryptocurrency mining. This process will take place in the so-called smart watches or other gadgets and has nothing to do with microchips. Foreign fact-checking organizations Snopes and also wrote about widespread conspiracies related to the topic.

Screenshot 5 How are the COVID-19 vaccine, quantum tattoo, and control over the population linked to each other?

There’s no intellectual property registered with patent number 060606 on GOOGLE Patent Database. Another invention with a similar number 60606 is registered in the system. The latter is an instrument related to agriculture (particularly, plant Genista), which was patented by E. F. Woodbury in the U.S in 1866.

About the source

Respondent Nona Aghdgomelashvili, who disseminated the mentioned conspiracy, has previously spread disinformation about COVID-19 as a doctor-therapist on  “Obiektivi” and “Ilioni” TV channels. In July, “Myth Detector”  checked 7 disinformation disseminated by her. Read more in the article of “Myth Detector”:




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