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Reading Time: 3 minutes


An online edition Georgia and World disseminates anti-Western and pro-Kremlin articles written in Russian and coming from suspicious Russian editions on its Facebook page. On September 19, Georgia and World shared three articles by,, and with the following messages:

  1. Crimean events should not be labelled as annexation;
  2. There is a threat of civil war in Europe and Islamists are being prepared for it;
  3. United States use Ukraine and Poland in a fight against Russia.

For the sake of credibility, the Russian sources shared by Geworld voice pro-Kremlin narratives from the perspective of European actors. According to these sources, a professor from the University of Hamburg considers the Crimean Annexation legitimate, whereas a Hungarian expert in security issues speaks about the threat of civil war in Europe and the participation of Islamists in it.

Quotes shared by Geworld Russian Sources


One cannot describe the events that took place in Crimea as annexation. Reinhard Merkel, a Professor in Philosophy of Law at the University of Hamburg, says that this was not “a violent takeover of territories”, but rather a “secession”, meaning that the peninsula seceded from Ukraine in accordance with the will of the majority of the peninsula’s population.



In certain parts of Europe, there are signs of an outburst of civil war that might be initiated by trained Islamist warriors that have entered the continent. Földi László, an expert in security issues and a former Head of Operational Division in one of the security services of Hungary, stated the above on air at a Hungarian TV channel M1.



We will show you an example of how deftly the Americans use Ukraine and Poland in their own interests. The US plays, at first sight, weak cards cleverly and prepares a check-mate for Russia. Russia will have to pay a big price to acquire a more valuable “card” and be done with the US once and for all. We mean the EU natural gas market – it is probably here that the biggest and the most dramatic party in history will be played.




About Geworld

The founder of the newspaper Georgia & World and its online-edition www.geworld. ge is LTD Historical Heritage. The establishment of Historical Heritage in 2009 was publicly welcomed by the then President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev. One of the members of the public council of Historical Heritage is Aleksandre Chachia, a political scientist whom Dmitry Medvedev, in July 2008, awarded an order for “great contribution to friendship and cooperation with the Russian Federation.” Another pro-Russian NGO, Eurasian Institute, is also a partner of Historical Heritage. Along with anti-Western attitudes, the publication is notorious for its Turkophobic, racist and homophobic content.

You can find Myth Detector materials on disinformative publications by Georgia and the World on the following link.

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