Fewer Deaths from Delta Variant Among the Vaccinated

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On June 22, Koba Kuprashvili (an anti-vaxxer, who lives in Germany) had a Facebook live, where he spoke about the anti-coronavirus vaccination. He claimed that death rate from Delta variant of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom is 0.1% among the non-vaccinated, 0.2% among those who have only received the first dose, and 0.6% among the fully vaccinated. Based on these figures, Kuprashvili claims that the death rate from COVID-19 is higher among the vaccinated than among the non-vaccinated.

The information, disseminated by Kuprashvili, about the death rate among the fully vaccinated being six times the death rate among the non-vaccinated, is a lie. In fact, 47% of those who died from the Delta variant were not vaccinated, 10% had received the first dose, while 36% were fully vaccinated.

As of June 18, there were 42,323 cases of the coronavirus Delta variant in the UK.  There are 47.2% of population fully vaccinated throughout the country. According to the National Health Service (NHS) data, the vaccine can deal with the Delta variant and significantly reduces hospitalizations. Between February 1 and June 14, 806 people were hospitalized with the Delta variant of the coronavirus. From them, 65% had not been vaccinated, 17% had received a single dose, while 10% were fully vaccinated.

The data also show that the death rate is lower among the vaccinated patients – not six times higher, as claimed by Kuprashvili. As of June 14, out of those who were diagnosed with the Delta variant of the coronavirus, 73 people died. From them, 34 had not been vaccinated, 10 had received a single dose, whereas 26 had been fully vaccinated.

What do we know about the Delta variant?

The earliest case of the Delta variant was identified in India in October 2020. Since then, it has spread to more than 80 countries of the world. In the United Kingdom, the Delta variant accounts for 90% of the new cases. It can spread 64% faster as compared to the Alpha (British) variant and is associated with a higher hospitalization risk. According to a research, conducted by the NHS, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, two doses of Pfizer vaccine are 96% efficient against the Delta variant in terms of avoiding hospitalization, whereas the efficiency of two doses of AstraZeneca vaccine is 92%. The Pfizer vaccine also showed 88% efficiency in terms of preventing symptoms, while the AstraZeneca vaccine showed 67% efficiency.

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