Facebook Account „Political Satire” Spreads a Fabricated Quote in the Name of Giorgi Vashadze

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On August 4th, the Facebook account “Political Satire” has published a quote of Giorgi Vashadze – the leader of the “Strategy Aghmashenebeli.” The quote has the following content: “Our team will make everything possible to ensure the protection of the LGBT rights. We will also fight for achieving same-sex marriage.” The description of the published post stresses that this is the developmental strategy of Vashadze.



The quote of Giorgi Vashadze that he and his party will fight for achieving same-sex marriage is false. Identical or even similar statements made by Vashadze cannot be found in any open source. Not to mention, the leader of the “Strategy Aghmashenebeli” has confirmed to “Myth Detector” that he has not made any statement of that kind.

No open-source contains the statement of Vashadze, where he claims that he will do everything to legalize same-sex marriage in Georgia.

In June 2020, during his interview with “Tabula,” Vashadze emphasized that the protection of minority rights represents the foundation of modern democracy; therefore, his team would make sure that the rights of any minority are protected in this country. However, he never mentioned anything about same-sex marriage and did not even use the term LGBT.

It is essential to point out that “Strategy Aghmashenebeli” is one of the 15 political parties that have signed the “Tbilisi Pride” memorandum aimed at undermining the existing discrimination and violence against the LGBT community. The memorandum stated that the political parties would ensure that the fundamental right of freedom of assembly and expression would be respected despite gender identity and sexual orientation. The political parties have also agreed not to allow the instigation of homophobia-based social feuds and hate speech in political processes. Nonetheless, the memorandum does not say anything about same-sex marriage.

The leader of “Strategy Aghmashenebeli” has denied making a similar statement during the comment with the “Myth Detector.”

About “Political Satire”

The Facebook account “Political Satire” often shares pro-Kremlin, anti-Western messages posts on social media. The posts are most of the time supportive of the “Alliance of Patriots of Georgia” and aim to discredit the opposition and the critical media.

One of the latest posts of the account was surveying Facebook users about their attitudes towards the direct dialogue between Georgia and Russia.


The account often shares posts of Irakli Jankarashvili, who is linked with the “Alliance of Patriots” and also the author of multiple articles featured in the pro-Kremlin outlet “Tvalsazrisi.”


The account encourages other Facebook users to support Irma Inashvili and the “Alliance of Patriots” and blames the US for establishing an occupational regime in Georgia.

“Political Satire” is actively involved in the discreditation campaign against the critical media outlets and even criticizes the protests held after the events of July 5th.
Irakli Jankarashvili was sharing the fabricated quotes of politicians and journalists last year as well. For more details, see the article of “Myth Detector:”

What do Иракли Иракли, Antiliberal Doctrine, News Front and Tvalsazrisi.ge Have in Common?

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