Dugin: “On certain occasions, we are forced to do….”

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Reading Time: 6 minutes


On 1 February, Alt-Info, an ultranationalist platform which also began television broadcasting on 8 January, interviewed Russian ultranationalist philosopher and founder of the Eurasia Movement Aleksandr Dugin. This was the second time that this platform hosted the ideologist of Eurasianism which represents a modification of aggressive Russian expansionism. Being on the Alt-Info channel, Dugin, among other things, talked about the US elections, Russia-Georgia relations, events in Armenia and Western values.

Dugin’s messages were structured following a three-tiered model of anti-Western narrative, aiming to sow fears and to instill mistrust towards democratic and strategic partners while portraying powerful Russia as a savior. Within the three-tiered model, his messages, which are provided below, can be divided in the following way:


USA and Globalism

In the USA, the government came to power through rigged elections

“Globalists are weaker than they have ever been; they try to pretend that everything is fine, but, in reality, they are in hot water… Red Republican states are the flame that licks the heels of those who have come to power through mass rigging, electoral deceit and manipulation.”

Color revolution happened in the USA

“It was, actually, a full-fledged color revolution in America itself… which, this time around, was carried out by globalists against their own people.” 
“This was precisely what Americans were doing in Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Belarus and nothing… now all this is happening in the territory of America itself.”

The USA is divided, half of the population has revolted against the new world order 

“Now, the target of Globalist elites, personified by Biden, is American people themselves.” “Within the globalist system, within the West, within the new world order and globalist values, gender policy, feminism, gay marriage and gay pride promoters, within this citadel of globalism headquarters, we have half of the population who revolted against this agenda. This means that there is a deep rift in America. This is a civil war between red states and blue states.”  

Disintegration of the USA is a foregone conclusion while Trump is a copy of Yeltsin

“As regards the resemblance between the Soviet Union and America, the resemblance, after the disintegration, is total. Trump is a copy of Yeltsin while Yeltsin means the end. Once Yeltsin appears, the end begins. Thus, the disintegration of America, in my opinion, is actually a foregone conclusion. The question is ‘when’ and that’s where a more problematic moment arises.”

The head of the pole of the world is deeply demented Biden

“The head of the pole of the world is a person in deep dementia [Biden]. An old man who cannot realize anything, numerous beyond-human-normality perverts in the government, in the administration… This is about not only the disappearance of a global pole, but also about insanity and madness, i.e. a maniac is in the center of the world system.”

Democracy has devaluated and liberal bolshevism has been established in the US

“Democracy has been quickly devaluating now, US democratic institutions have been fully depreciated, no one believes in them any longer. In fact, an epoch of liberal bolshevism has arrived. Those who govern are those who got hold of the government, who got hold of telegraph, dispersed the constituent assembly. This is the liberal bolshevism, which gained an upper hand in America and this is becoming apparent.”

Orwellian 1984 has come not from communists and Russia, but in the form of Biden

“Everyone expected that 84 would come from communists, Russia, non-liberal, at least, non-American sources… Biden is 1984 and it is precisely when this insane semi-corpse was elected, whose ability to determine anything is questionable; it is apparent that this is Big Brother, a sort of puppet, this is actually a cyborg, Biden does not matter, this is a software, algorithm… technologies govern instead of him.”

Enlightenment opposes Christian values

“Those who do not understand that the Enlightenment was dark, from the very start, that it is a Satanist-Lucifer parody of culture and civilization, that when we rejected our Christian civilization, our spiritual values, our traditional values, we, in that very moment, actually embarked on the path that is nearing its terminal stage now.”


Liberal globalism will never support a genuine Georgian force

The third force must not, of course, be announced from Russia, America and Europe but from Georgia…  Liberal globalism will, of course, never support a genuine Georgian force, nor globalists in Russia, America and Europe will support them. All depends on people; if this force finds support in people, it will be invincible.”

Key for Georgia that is independent from East and West lies in Moscow

“Existence, at some moment of time, of even small symbolic political or ideological group that will say – we will raise the flag of independent, strong Georgia, of the Georgia that is open to other people, not narrow nationalistic, that is independent from East and West, that pursues its own line and we understand where the key to building such Georgia lies, and it lies, sorry, in Moscow.”

Armenia may also benefit from losing Karabakh

Armenia may also benefit from losing Karabakh. This is, indeed, painful for Armenian identity, but its illusion that “the West will help” has been shattered once again… Pashinyan’s infatuation with networks of Soros did not work while Baku prefers direct relations with Ankara and Moscow.

Sometimes we are forced to undertake measures  

“I am a supporter of multipolar world myself, I am against any form of colonialism and do not like when my country does that. It is another matter that on certain occasions we are forced to do that, which does not always justify us, but we must be able to admit mistakes too.”

After the “loss” of Ivanishvili, the Georgian Dream will read Biden’s messages literally and fulfill them

“The current Georgian Dream, after the loss of its leader, will, I think, try to read Biden’s messages literally in order to fulfill them to the maximum extent.”

Instead of being a colony of the USA, it is better to be an ally of the Orthodox Christian Russia

“We, Orthodox Christians, especially you, proud Georgians, how will you tolerate to coexist with that? to be a colony of the country which advocates homosexual values, which hates tradition, opposes Christianity; Is this really better than being an allay of Russia with all negative aspects of my country, which I am well aware of?”

The West cannot ensure the strengthening of sovereignty

“In general, those who pinned hopes that the West would strengthen their sovereignty, all end up disappointed.”

Georgia will become a base of the West to provoke conflicts with others

“Georgia may become a territory where last Atlantists, in their death throes, will rush to blow up the Caucasus in order to create problems to everyone around: Russia, Iran, Turkey, that is everyone. This, of course, would be a catastrophe because Georgia does not need that at all.”

It should be noted that this is not the first time that the antiliberal platform Alt-Info hosted Aleksandr Dugin. Last July, Dugin appeared on Alt-Info and spoke about Georgia-Russia relations and the role of Georgian Dream and personally, Ivanishvili in this regard.

In that appearance, Dugin said that had the tanks entered Tbilisi in 2008, the situation “would have been nearly the same to the situation in the conditions of Ivanishvili, identical to what it is today.”

He also said that for Georgia to restore integrity, it was necessary that the country was ‘at least” neutral. “The current situation, the idea of disintegration of Georgia has, in reality, never been in the geopolitical interests of Russia. It is another matter that Georgia, to restore integrity, must be, at least, neutral. The same principle applies to Ukraine,” he said.

Dugin also said that Georgia must not become a subject of contention between the West and Russia and that Ivanisvhili is “very useful” in bringing positions closer with Russia.

Who is Aleksandr Dugin?

Aleksandr Dugin is the founder of the Eurasia Movement and ultranationalist philosopher. Eurasianism of Dugin advocates Russia’s expansion and primary spiritual and political role of Russia on the Eurasian continent and is based on the Russian Orthodox vision.

Inspired by the idea of Nazi Germany, Dugin believes that the Eurasian continent must be a sort of federation of countries under the leadership of Russia. Potential allies of the Eurasian project, in Dugin’s view, are white nationalists because they are traditionalists. Because of his involvement in the Crimean conflict and actions against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the USA put the philosopher on the list of sanctioned persons.

Aleksandr Dugin has ties with the World Congress of Families (WCF). The WCF representative in Georgia, Levan Vasadze, does not deny relationship with Dugin and also declares that he changed Dugin’s mind about Georgia. Levan Vasadze is linked to Alternative for Georgia, a sort of nongovernmental organization registered by Konstantine Morgoshia on 30 January 2019. Vasadze and members of Alt-Info who are members of Alternative for Georgia too, met with the population of Samegrelo and Adjara before the outbreak of the pandemic.

About Alt-Info

Anti-liberal group Alt-Info is a propagandist and anti-Western platform with links to Georgian ultranationalists. It often publishes manipulative and false materials about migrants, liberal legislation and philanthropist George Soros.
Detailed information about Alt-Info is available here.




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