Does Schwab write about the ban of religion and private property and where does the 21/30 conspiracy originate from?

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On January 31, Facebook-profile Daji Mamulashvili published a post about 9 characteristics of the “New World Order”. The Facebook user claims that these points are an extract from a book by Klaus Schwab, however, she doesn’t specify from which book are the aforesaid points.

Listed points, per the author’s claims, include legal same-sex marriage, the abolition of the traditional family institute,  upbringing of children by the state, separatetly from the parents, deprivation of property rights, declaring religion as illegal, and creating a new religion that worships humans and the human brain.

Attached to the post are the photos of Klaus Schwab and English-language text with the title “New World Order 21/30”.


The claim of the author of the post alleging that her listed “necessary attributes of the new world order” is an extract from Klaus Schwab’s book is false. Such quote cannot be found in the books by Schwab. As for the photo of U.N “New World Order 21/30”, such document isn’t available in open sources and the U.N denies the existence of it as well. The Mentioned conspiracy is manipulatively connected to Klaus Schwab.

Two books by the German engineer and economist Klaus Schwab, COVID-19: The Great Reset and  The Fourth Industrial Revolution, are available online, however, quotes given in the disseminated post cannot be found in neither of them.

The book “COVID-19: The Great Reset” briefly mentions the majority of the topics in the post but in an absolutely different context, for an instance, LGBT community rights and religion is mentioned in the book only a few times. Schwab writes that youth activism is increasing worldwide, they work on numerous issues including LGBT rights. In regards to religion, Schwab mentions the word “quarantine” and writes that it is derived from the Italian word quaranta, which means 40 and 40 is a symbolic and religious number.

The book actively discusses economic issues, however, there’s no mention of deprivation of property rights or any issues related to the abolition of the traditional family institute. In regards to the private sector, it’s written that state-private sector partnerships will be encouraged in the post-COVID period so that private companies get involved in the mitigation of global risks.

The book “COVID-19: The Great Reset” by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret was published on July 9, 2020.

The book contains theoretical and practical examples, prognosis, and ideas about how the post-pandemic world might look like. The book comprises three chapters: the first chapter assesses the impact of the pandemic on five primary macro-categories: economic factor, societal factor, geopolitical factor, environmental factor, and technological factor. The second chapter discusses specific industries and companies, and the third one offers a hypothetical discussion on the nature of possible outcomes on an individual level.


Quotes given in the post also cannot be found in Klaus Schwab’s second book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” published in 2016. Same-sex marriage or the LGBT community isn’t even mentioned in the book. As for religion, Schwab doesn’t write about declaring religion illegal, he notes that the Fourth industrial revolution might alleviate tensions between deeply religious and secular societies.

Schwab also writes that women and the so-called female professions will be more needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, however, he doesn’t write about women not being able to be housewives. There’s no mention of the confiscation of private property.

As for the family institute, Schwab writes that family structures will be redefined in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, however, it should be noted that this text is under the mobility-related sub-chapter, which is primarily about the idea that facilitated mobility worldwide will play an ever more important role in society and economics in the future than today. Schwab writes that families connect with the whole world by digital means and the traditional family unit is being replaced by the trans-national family network. The quote in the Facebook post alleging that the abolition of the traditional family institute is part of the plan of the new world order presumably is an interpretation of the above-mentioned extract from the book  “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”  by Schwab.


Klaus Schwab has written several other books about the same topic as the aforesaid ones including “Shaping The Fourth Industrial Revolution”,  the electronic version isn’t available online.

The post manipulatively connects Klaus Schwab’s book and the so-called Agenda 21/30 ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theory.  The conspiracy about U.N Agenda 21/30 ‘New World Order’ has been disseminated since May 2020. Such document cannot be found in open sources and representatives of the U.N deny the existence of such document.

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Moreover, the “Great Reset” is also the name of the initiative developed by the World Economic Forum in 2020 that aims to find long-term solutions for the international crisis management and problems caused by COVID-19.

Conspiracy theories insinuate the great reset to be a scenario formed by the elite to seize total power.

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