Does persimmon kill coronavirus?

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On November 5, Facebook user Lana Lana published a post in a public group “Coronavirus/Let’s defeat COVID-19 together”, in which she states that persimmon kills coronavirus according to the study by Japanese scientists. The author of the post doesn’t indicate any additional information or a source.

erph Does persimmon kill coronavirus?

The mentioned information in the post is based on the experiment conducted by Japanese scientists, which shows that persimmon tannins can detoxify the COVID-19. Albeit, the claim as if persimmon kills coronavirus isn’t true since it isn’t backed by the studies.

Researchers at Nara Medical University (Kashihara, Western Japan) have conducted an experiment: they mixed persimmon juice, saliva, and coronavirus and after 10 minutes, it was discovered that virus activity in the sample was reduced and the virus was practically rendered harmless. As a result, they assumed that persimmon tannins (chemical compounds found in persimmon) detoxify the virus.

According to local media outlets, Japanese scientists continue to study persimmon tannins. Mechanisms for suppressing the virus is yet to be explained. Large scale studies are required to prove persimmon juice’s effectiveness against COVID-19. Moreover, the experiment involved a highly concentrated persimmon tannin juice prepared in a certain way, which doesn’t mean that eating a fruit or drinking its’ juice prevents or treats novel coronavirus.

Dissemination of the post

As of November 6, the post about the persimmon killing the coronavirus has 56 shares and around 450 comments. Besides the mentioned group, the information has also been disseminated by Georgian online media outlets including and, albeit both of the outlets emphasize the fact that eating the persimmon doesn’t protect from coronavirus nor does it treat the virus. Article from can be also found in the public group:,,საინტერესო ამბები მთელი მსოფლიოდან” (Interesting Stories from All Over the World).

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