Does 5G Cause Harm to Birds? Asaval-Dasavali Spreads Manipulative Quotes

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In its June 8-14 issue, Georgian tabloid Asaval-Dasavali quoted Luka Tvaliashvili, an alleged medical staff member of New Hospitals, as saying that 5G technology can have adverse effects on birds. In particular, Tvaliashvili stressed that 5G technology can cause neurological disorder in birds, citing a recent incident, when a crow attacked humans in Tbilisi, as an example. 

Luka Tvaliashvili, medical staff member of New Hospitals: “We can suppose that 5G transmitter masts can cause harm to birds. Any form of radiation, as well as seasonal changeability causes excitability and unstable mood in birds. The incident [that took place at Pekin Street] confirms that certain environmental conditions have caused neurological disorder and excitability in birds.” 

The Myth Detector reached out to the New Hospitals administration to verify the information. The latter clarified that the statement about alleged links between 5G and birds does not reflect the clinic’s official position, while Luka Tvaliashvili is a member of its technical rather than a medical staff. It is worth noting that 5G technology has been declared safe by the international radiation watchdog. 

  • The statement published by Asaval-Dasavali does not reflect the clinic’s official position.

In its written comments sent to the Myth Detector, New Hospitals noted that Luka Tvaliashvili’s quotes published by Asaval-Dasavali do not reflect the clinic’s official position; furthermore, he does not work as a doctor at the clinic.

New Hospitals administration: “Luka Tvaliashvili’s views do not reflect the position of New Hospitals. The administration has no information about when and under what circumstances Tvaliashvili spread this information. We would like to clarify that Luka Tvaliashvili is not a doctor, he serves as a technical staff member at the clinic.”

  • Conspiracy theories related to 5G are spread periodically.

The International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the Germany-based scientific body that assesses the health risks of radio broadcasts, has declared 5G safe. However, conspirators link 5G technology to the spread of coronavirus and death of birds. The myth as if 5G radio waves kill birds has widely circulated online in a number of countries. The conspiracy theory emerged after John Kuhles published a post last year, claiming that recent mass die-off of European Starlings in the Netherlands was caused by a 5G antenna test. According to Snopes, John Kuhles runs several anti-5G conspiracy websites and social media pages.

Reuters and APNews have also verified conspiracy theories about birds at different times. Radio waves from 5G cellular communication towers are low-level magnetic radiation, non‐ionizing radiation that cannot kill birds. Moreover, mass die-off of birds is not a new phenomenon and such facts had also taken place prior to the installation of 5G technology. 
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