Disinformation by Geworld.ge that USA Allegedly Threatened Georgia with Sanctions

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An online edition Geworld.ge published a material titled “Fiasco of a ‘Strategic Partner’ in the UN and the Wrath Incurred upon the Government of Georgia” on December 27. The article reviews the results of the December 21, 2017 UN General Assembly vote on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and notes that as Georgian representation did not participate in the vote, it deserved the wrath of Americans, which is proven by a legal bill on imposing sanctions on Georgia, formulated by the congressmen of the US.

Nika Korinteli, journalist: Congressmen of the United States, including Steve Russell, formulated a legal bill, “as a response to the actions of the Government of Georgia, connected with the violation of contract terms in prejudice of the representatives of the United States that are involved in business and financial operations in Georgia… Well deserved! The Government of Georgia that has been so far looking in the eyes of its American patrons like a slave and was unreservedly following each directive, has been threatened with sanctions now when it did not support America’s absurd request. Of course! What kind of master forgives frivolity of its servant… However, is not Georgia a “strategic partner” of the United States?”

December 27, 2017

Geworld.ge’s claim is disinformation, as the International Anti-Corruption Legal Bill, initiated by Steve Russell and other American congressmen on December 6, concerns the issues of violations of the contracts signed with American nationals and companies by the Government of Georgia, not the status of Jerusalem. In addition, the representative of the United States in the UN thanked the countries (including Georgia) that did not participate in the December 21 vote, which took place 15 days after the congressman’s initiative.

Real Facts

A press-release published on Steve Russell’s official webpage on December 6 notes that the International Anti-Corruption Legal Bill is a response to the violation of contracts with the American companies and the US’ allies by the Government of Georgia.

According to Steve Russell, he supports Georgian people in their fight against corrupt business practices, as well as external powers and oligarchs, including the representatives of the former government that are trying to harm the aspiration of the Georgian people towards free and democratic governance. According to the congressman, such dishonest actions harm the friendship of the American and Georgian people.

The bill implies the preparation of a special report every six months which would determine whether the Government of Georgia violated the contract terms against American nationals and companies. In case the existence of such facts is proven, the bill requests to impose sanctions against the Government of Georgia and respective responsible individuals.

In addition, a US representative in the United Nations, Nikki Haley thanked all the countries that did not participate in the vote on December 21. The list published on Nikki Haley’s official Facebook page includes Georgia along with other countries.




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