Disinformation, as if British are in a minority in London

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On June 1, 2019, the head of “Strategic Institute of Management” Petre Mamradze stated in night studio of TV Obieqtivi, as if majority of the population of London comprise foreigners, while ethnic English make up only one third of the local residents.

Noted statement is a disinformation, since according to the research for 2017-2018 of the Office for National Statistics of Great Britain, 63.5% of the population of London is born in United Kingdom, while 59% is white British and/or Irish.  

  • London’s population according to the ethnicity

According to the research for 2017 of the Office for National Statistics of Great Britain (ONS), 59.26% (8.87 million) of London’s population is white, which mainly includes white British and Irish. Asians (mainly Indians, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Chinese) make up 19.06%. The share of black population is 11.48 %, which includes so-called Sub-Saharan Africa and Caribbean Basin. Remaining 10.2 % make up other/mixed ethnic groups: white Asians, Black African People, also Arabs and all the other ethnic groups, which does not belong to the abovementioned other categories.

  • London’s population according to the place of birth

Office for National Statistics also publishes data for 2018 regarding the place of birth of the population living in Great Britain. According to the statistics, majority (8.89 million) of the population living in London, 63,52%, is born on the territory of the United Kingdom. The share of non-British citizens of the EU makes up 11.49%, while the others (non-EU member European countries, Asia, Africa, North America, South and Latin America, Oceania) constitute 24,87%.


Prepared by Achiko Maisuradze
Myth Detector Lab

Violation: Disinformation
Country: Great Britain

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