Did Joe Biden Unfollow Putin on Twitter?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


On February 25th, the Facebook account “Lawyer David Girgvliani” published a post about an alleged statement by U.S. President Joe Biden. The photo features a caption in English, stating that Biden will unfollow Vladimir Putin on Twitter. The following description to the photo: “The loser of the century! Shame of Uncle Sam!”

Information about the alleged cancellation of Putin Biden’s subscription to Putin’s Twitter account was made up by the American satirical publication The Babylon Bee, and it does not correspond to reality.

The news about Biden unfollowing the Russian president on Twitter was published on The Babylon Bee’s website on February 24th.

Babylon Bee is a famous satirical outlet. The website’s mission statement indicates that The Babylon Bee is the best satirical publication in the world, which publishes fictional satirical information about Christianity, politics, and everyday life.

Notably, Joe Biden imposed new sanctions on Russia over the start of the war against Ukraine. The sanctions are mainly aimed at restricting the development of Russia’s economic, military and aerospace sectors. The sanctions also apply to members of Putin’s inner circle.

The fabricated information of Babylon Bee has been circulating as accurate information on the Georgian social network in the past as well. For more information, see the materials:

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Topic: Politics
Violation: Satire
Country: Russia, Ukraine, USA

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