Deepfake: How Did a Coronavirus Brooch Appear on the Clothes of the Queen Elizabeth II?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On June 13, a Facebook account სამყარო სამყარო (World World) published a post with a photo of the Queen Elizabeth II, a frame from Resident Evil movie series and a video about Dolores Cannon, an American writer. სამყარო სამყარო claims that the Queen is “programming the population”, while a Christmas tree toy and her brooch are circled in red, indicating that they resemble the visualization of the coronavirus. The post also claims that “the future is programmed in Hollywood movies” and that the system that rules the Earth, is composed of 1% of the Earth population.

The information that 1% of the Earth’s population has programmed the rest of the world population and that the Queen is involved in this, is a conspiracy. The photo included in the post is a frame from a deepfake video – the Queen does not have such brooch or Christmas tree toy in reality.

The photo of the Queen, disseminated by სამყარო სამყარო, is a frame from a deepfake version of the Queen’s Christmas address, disseminated on December 25, 2020 by Channel 4. The video is supposed to be humorous, and the Queen even does a TikTok dance in it. As the broadcaster noted, the video was created to raise awareness about hi-tech and its threats.

The brooch and the Christmas tree toy, that resemble the visualization of SARS-COV-2, are only present in the deepfake version of the video, not the real one.

See frames from the real Christmas address and its deepfake version:

Frame from the actual video

Frame from the deepfake video

World World also used footage from Resident Evil movie series. The last part of the series, called Resident Evil: Final Chapter, premiered in 2016. The movie is about a biological weapon that can turn people into zombies and leads to an apocalypse. As for Dolores Cannon, she was a self described “past-life regressionist” and hypnotherapist and has written several books about these topics. სამყარო სამყარო intentionally connects Dolores Cannon to the deepfake video of the Queen and the Resident Evil movie series, as it aims to spread the conspiracy theory about the pandemic being planned by the world elites.

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What is deepfake?

Deepfake is one of the techniques of video manipulation and it first emerged in 2017. Deepfakes use a form of artificial intelligence to make images of fake events or manipulate visual content. Artificial intelligence tools have made it possible to combine the face of one person with the body of another. A number of techniques, such as Deepfake and Deep Video Portraits, enable full control over the target by transferring the rigid head pose, facial expression and eye motion with a high level of photorealism. Thus, it is possible to falsify the speech, words and facial expression of any person.

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It is also possible to generate photos using artificial intelligence (AI). In 2019, Myth Detector exposed an AI-generated blogger who was involved in a campaign against TBC Bank and Mamuka Khazaradze, a founder of TBC Bank and currently a leader of Lelo movement.

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