Davit Isakadze Disseminates Disinformation About the COVID-19 Vaccination

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Reading Time: 5 minutes


On February 8, Facebook user Barbare Manjavidze published a video of Archbishop Davit Isakadze, a member of the Orthodox Parents’ Union (OPU), on Facebook and YouTube. According to Isakadze, COVID-19 vaccines are not safe.


He makes several arguments in defense of his statement:

  1. It is possible to insert an RFID chip into the vaccine, which will help healthcare providers track people;
  2. Merck, a pharmaceutical company, stopped working on vaccines, because it found that the vaccine provided a lower protection than the immunity, generated after a natural infection;
  3. Former Vice-President of Pfizer, Michael Yeadon, categorically denied the need for vaccines;
  4. The Telegraph and the Washington Post wrote that PCR tests were contaminated with the coronavirus and they infected people;
  5. Bill Gates acknowledged that his vaccine, which will be used on seven billion people, alters the DNA forever;
  6. Vaccines against COVID-19 contain a cell line from an aborted embryo;
  7. A nanotechnological quantum tattoo, a permanent chip, will be implanted in hands of the vaccinated people.


Davit Isakadze’s claims are disinformative and manipulative: 1. RFID chip technology does not aim to track people, a microchip cannot be placed in a vaccine, and it does not enter a human body; 2. Merck stated that the low immune response was the reason behind stopping the development of the vaccine, but this only concerned Merck’s candidate vaccines, not other vaccines against COVID-19; 3. Michael Yeadon left Pfizer nine years ago, and his statement that healthy people do not need vaccinations is false.

  1. Using RFID technology, microchip is inserted not in the vaccine, but in a vaccine container. It aims to prevent fraud, track expiration date of the vaccine, and determine the number of vaccinated people in a certain area. It does not contain information about the patient. The Government of the United States has not decided to use this technology yet.

Isakadze claims that chips are inserted in people through some vaccines and that it is possible to place an RFID chip in a coronavirus vaccine. Isakadze mentions an interview of Jay Walker, the CEO of Apiject, on CBN and claims that Walker’s company works on manufacturing RFID chips for Americans, which, according to Isakadze, would help healthcare providers track people.

In fact, in his interview with CBN, Walker speaks about Jumpstart project, which aims to provide vaccines to millions of Americans as fast as possible. Apiject wants to pre-fill vaccine syringe-containers, which would simplify the vaccination process. A needle hub will then be added to the filled vaccine container, making it ready for the vaccination. Walker noted that a microchip with a unique serial number would be placed on each dose container, which would help them avoid fraud cases. In addition, the microchip would contain information about the expiration of the vaccine. It will also help medical staff to find out, how many people have been vaccinated in a certain area during an epidemic.


Walker emphasized the fact that the microchip will not contain personal information of patients.

Moreover, as a Reuters article from December 4, 2020 mentions, Apiject Speaker, Steve Hofman, in his interview with the medium, confirmed that chips would not be inserted in the person that is being vaccinated. Hofman also noted that this technology is selective and that the Government of the United States had not approved it.

  1. Merck, the pharmaceutical company, stated that the reason behind stopping the development of their vaccine was that the immune response to their vaccine was lower than in case of a natural infection or in case of other vaccines

According to Merck’s January 25 statement, the company stopped the development of its COVID-19 vaccine, as the first stage of candidate vaccine trials showed that the vaccination gave a lower level of protection than a natural immunity, generated from a COVID-19 infection. Merck decided to develop two drugs instead of the vaccine. Isakadze’s claim about Merck is correct, but it should be noted that this statement only concerned the vaccines by Merck, not COVID-19 vaccines in general.

A press-release from the company’s webpage on January 25 reads:

“In [phase 1 clinical studies], both V590 and V591 were generally well tolerated, but the immune responses were inferior to those seen following natural infection and those reported for other SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 vaccines.”

  1. Michael Yeadon left Pfizer nine years ago, and his statement that healthy people do not need vaccinations is false, as everyone is under the risk of getting infected or transmitting COVID-19, whereas developing a herd immunity without the vaccination would require significantly more time.

The former employee of Pfizer, Michael Yeadon, did say that the vaccination is not necessary for ending the pandemic and that “fit and healthy” people do not have to get vaccinated.

An Irish edition TheJournal.ie fact-checked Michael Yeadon’s claim. According to the edition, Yeadon’s claim that “fit and healthy” individuals do not have to get vaccinated is false, as people transmit coronavirus and, therefore, there would always be a risk of infection, unless an individual has already generated antibodies against the virus. This is precisely the reason why even healthy people should get vaccinated and continue to practice social distancing – to avoid getting infected or transmitting it. PolitiFact has also written about Yeadon’s statement and noted that, according to experts, developing the herd immunity without the vaccine would take too long.

Michael Yeadon left Pfizer nine years ago. Therefore, when the company started to work on COVID-19 vaccine, Yeadon was not a Pfizer employee anymore. Hence, he did not make this statement as a representative of Pfizer. According to his LinkedIn profile, Yeadon was Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer’s Allergy & Respiratory Research Unit in 1995-2011. As for his Vice-Presidency, he held this position in 2005-2008, according to his profile.



As for the other claims voiced by Davit Isakadze in the video:

  • People getting infected from PCR tests is disinformation. In fact, the Telegraph and the Washington Post articles read that a coronavirus pathogen has been found in PCR tests in lab tests, and the contaminated tests have not had any contact with patients;

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  • Several COVID-19 vaccines used embryonic cells in lab research at the pre-clinical testing stage, however, no vaccine contains embryonic cells;

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  • Bill Gates has not said that the vaccine would alter DNA. He also has not said that the vaccination should definitely be done for seven billion people. He said that creating the vaccine was urgent and required a large collaboration, as the vaccine would have to reach seven billion people;

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  • Quantum tattooing is not connected to COVID-19. This is a 2019 invention that envisages writing vaccination history in individuals. The given method has not been approved.

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