Current members of Abkhazian Government and Former National Guard Representatives in Captivity of Allen Dulles’ Conspiracy Theory

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

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Abkhazian government members and former national guard representatives disseminate conspiracy theory about Dulles Doctrine in Georgian media. On December 13, 2018, a member of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, Akaki Gasviani, presented Dulles Doctrine conspiracy as a real fact, while it was mainly covered by tabloid publications in the Georgian media. According to him, the collapse of the Soviet Union was dictated by the Dulles Doctrine. Gasviani drew link between Dulles Doctrine and Anti-Discrimination Law.  According to Gasviani, Anti-Discrimination Law aims at eradicating Orthodoxy as does Doctrine of Dulles.

Guram Lakia, former Chief of stuff of the National Guard spoke about the Doctrine of Dulles in December 17-23 issue of Asaval-Dasavali. According to him, the events of April 9, 1991 were contradicting interests of both Russia and the United States and it was “the victory of the dark forces under the Allan Dulles’ Program”.

The quotes, which allegedly belong to the doctrine of Dulles’, are originally from the novel of the Soviet author Anatoly Ivanov, “Eternal calling” (Вечный зов) and the character of the novel – officer Polipov.

According to the novel “Eternal Call”, the Soviet officer, Polypov, is being captured by German army during World War II. In captivity he is interrogated by SS officer Lakhnovsky, who was a former member of the King’s gendarmerie and the old acquaintance of Polipov. Lakhnowski discloses Hitler’s plans to Polipov. The plan aims at destroying the Soviet (Russian) people through its so-called fifth column in Russia. See quote from the novel that is available electronically on the link (p. 34).

SS officer Lakhnowski from novel “Eternal Call”, Volume II:

„все золото, всю материальную мощь на оболванивание и одурачивание людей! Человеческий мозг, сознание людей способно к изменению. Посеяв там хаос, мы незаметно подменим их ценности на фальшивые и заставим их в эти фальшивые ценности поверить! Как, спрашиваешь? Как?! Мы найдем своих единомышленников… своих союзников и помощников в самой России! Мы будем браться за людей с детских, юношеских лет, будем всегда главную ставку делать на молодежь, станем разлагать, развращать, растлевать ее! …Да, развращать! Растлевать! Мы сделаем из них циников, пошляков, космополитов!“

Myth Detector had previously written about Dulles Doctrine. Soviet Roman “Eternal Call” (Вечный зов) was previously already presented in Georgian media as “Dulles Plan” in 2014-2017 and in 2018. Myth Detector offers you the main sources of conspiracy about Doctrine of Dulles.

Sources of Dulles Doctrine conspiracy

Media Politician Facebook pages Society
Georgia and the World Soso Manjavidze – Alliance of Patriots იოსებ სტალინი/Иосиф Сталин Irakli Zakareishvili – Lawyer
Asaval-Dasavali Tengiz Tavdgiridze – Alliance of Patriots, Candidate for Mayor of Batumi, 2017 იცით თუ არა, რომ
(If you know that)
Guram Kartvelishvili – Director, The member of “Georgian March”
Kviris Palitra აპოკალიფსისი – Apocalypse სტალინი (Stalin)
Reporter საქართველოს კომუნისტური პარტია (The Communist Party of Georgia) ქართული ლიტერატურა და ხელოვნება

(Georgian Literature and Art)

Saerto Gazeti გგონება, ტვინი, ინტელექტი, როგორ განვავითაროთ ისინი? (Mind, Brain, Intellect, How to develop them?)

Propaganda Methods:
Picturing fictional work as genuine information
Conspiracy Theory- platforms exert huge influence on target audience through using conspiracies and pseudo-science. Similar methods promote sowing fear and doubts among the population. Scientific and expert opinions, as well as authentic scientific papers are totally neglected. It is difficult to break through the circle of conspiracies, because the propagandists depict the facts debunking conspiracies as yet another “proof” of conspiracy.

See the articles prepared by the Myth Detector on the conspiracy of Dulles Doctrine

Portrayal of “Eternal Call” as the Dulles’ Plan in Asaval-Dasavali and Kviris Palitra Labels Quotes from Communist Party and Вечный зов as Dulles’ Plan Links the Use of foul Language in Georgia with the Dulles Doctrine

About Sources:

Akaki Gaviani is a member of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia. The Supreme Council is approved by the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, whose chairman Vakhtang Kolbaia is the General Secretary of the Pro-Russian Party “United Democratic Movement”.

Gasviani was a member of the Parliament of Georgia in 2000-2004 through the party list of “Union of Citizens of Georgia”. At the same time, he was the member of CIS Interparliamentary Assembly – Parliamentary Delegation.

Giorgi Lakia. Guram Lakia was the head of the headquarters of the National Guard during the presidency of Zviad Gamsakhurdia. In 1993 Lakia left the country with Gamsakhurdia and said that he had been living with his family for 8 years. Today, Lakia is interviewed by news outlets such as “General Newspaper”, “Society”, “Press Caucasus” and others. In his interviews, Lakia speaks about the overthrow of Zviad Gamsakhurdia and discusses the present situation in a homophobic and anti-Western context. For instance, on May 5, 2018, in a letter to the Press-Caucasus web site Guram Lakia notes that the national ideology has been replaced by sinful practice of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Georgian Dream has cohabited with “Soros’ sucker liberals” and “degraded ones” ask for “drugs and prostitution to be legalized and brothels stay inviolable “.

Topic: Identity
Violation: Conspiracy
Country: USA




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