Conspiracy About the “New World Order” Plan Being Launched in 2021 Originated from a Fake Email

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On January 16, a Facebook page „დედოფალი“ (Queen) and a Facebook account Maka Karchauli uploaded a photo with a text in English saying “The New World Order Plan 12/20 to 12/21”. Maka Karchauli has included a Georgia version of the English text shown on the photo. The text offers a calendar of various events. The calendar also includes the new virus – COVID 21, which is dated March 2021. According to the text, shops will run out of products in 2021, protests will erupt in the population and army units will be placed in all cities. The text also mentions that vaccinations will become mandatory, that COVID passports will be issued in October 2021 and only the owners of these passports will be able to work and travel.

Another Facebook profile – Lela KIkilashvili – shared Maka Karchauli’s post in five public groups.


On January 5, one more Facebook profile – Daji Mamulashvili – published a photo on this issue. According to her, the photo includes the plan of the New World Order that the United Nations should implement in 2021-2030. She also claimed that the plan envisages the creation of a single world government and a depopulation through a compulsory vaccination.

  1. The “News World Order” plan, disseminated by the Facebook page “Queen” originates from a conspiracy which claimed that the information about putting the entire world in lockdown leaked from an anonymous email of a member of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Government of Canada. Representatives of the Government of Canada deny the authenticity of the given email and mention that there is no Strategic Planning Committee in the Government of Canada.
  2.  Open sources do not reveal any document titled the UN’s 2021-2030 plan of establishing the New World Order, or a document of similar content. UN representatives also deny the existence of such a document.

Information published by “Queen” and Maka Karchauli about the 2021 “New World Order” plan is a conspiracy that was initially published on a webpage of the Canadian Report as a fake email on October 14, 2020.

The text, indicating the dates of imposing a full lockdown and the first case of COVID-19 in Canada, has a form of an email and claims to be written by a member of the Liberal Party of Canada and the “Strategic Planning Committee”, but the name of the author is not mentioned. In an interview with, the Senior Director of Communications of the Liberal Party of Canada, Braeden Caley, stated that the information given in the so-called email is not authentic and that such a committee does not exist in the Government of Canada at all.

The conspiracy theory about the UN’s alleged New World Order “21/2030” was disseminated back in May 2020. Daniela Gross, a spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, told USA TODAY the UN has never adopted the document shown in the post. Most likely, the conspiracy theories manipulate with two UN documents – Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. The Un adopted both of them with regards to the Sustainable Development Goals and are available online.

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Does UN Secret Document on New World Order Actually Exist?

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