Claims about Iranians Allegedly Buying 70% of Apartments in Tbilisi are Groundless

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


Georgian tabloid Asaval-Dasavali wrote in its June 16-22 issue quoting Nikoloz Mzhavanadze of the Union of Human Rights Defenders as saying that 70% of apartments in Tbilisi are bought by the Iranians and that mass immigration of the Iranians is underway in Georgia.

Nikoloz Mzhavanadze: “Due to our government’s excessive tolerance, Tbilisi has been filled with aliens, who arrived in our country. As far as I know, 70% of apartments in Tbilisi are being bought by the Iranians. Their mass immigration is underway. They are purchasing entire buildings and then bringing their fellow countrymen to our country. Soon, we will have Iranian, Arabic, Turkish and African quarters in Tbilisi, where a Georgian will have no entry.”

Nikoloz Mzhavanadze’s remarks about the Iranians allegedly buying 70% of apartments in Tbilisi are not true. The Iranians have purchased only 0.01% of real estate sold throughout Georgia in 2012-2016.

Information about the Iranians and generally foreign nationals purchasing real estate in Georgia is provided by the Migration Profile of Georgia 2017 developed by the State Commission on Migration Issues of Georgia. The document provides the data for 2012-2016 based on the National Agency of Public Registry.

The Migration Profile of Georgia 2017 as well as the infographics prepared on its basis by ForSet shows that in 2012-2016, 53% of apartments/houses were bought in Georgia by Russian citizens, while Iranian citizens bought only 399 units of real estate during the same period of time. Respectively, they are ranked 9th among those foreign nationals, who became owners of the real estate in Georgia. In addition, a share of the real estate purchased by Iraqi and Turkish citizens is only 2%.



Source: Forset

According to the data of the National Agency of Public Registry, 2 691 313 units of real estate were sold in Georgia in 2012-2016. A share of apartments/houses purchased by Iranian citizens in Georgia does not exceed 0.01% of real estate sold in Georgia, as well as 1.3% of real estate purchased by foreign nationals in Georgia.

Citizenship Immovable Property %
Russia 7.842 0.29%
Ukraine 1.117 0.04%
Armenia 421 0.02%
Azerbaijan 419 0.02%
Israel 789 0.03%
US 730 0.03%
Greece 338 0.01%
Germany 556 0.02%
Iran 399 0.01%
Iraq 236 0.01%
Turkey 363 0.01%

Given that real estate purchased by the Iranians countrywide does not exceed 0.01%, whereas Tbilisi is the largest real estate market in Georgia, Nikoloz Mzhavanadze’s remarks about the Iranians allegedly buying 70% of apartments in Tbilisi are false.

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