Can Liquid Crystals Be Used to Turn Humans into Zombies?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On June 1, Facebook users ბიბლიის მორწმუნე ქრისტიანები (Christians Who Believe in Bible) and ბოლო ჟამის ქრისტიანები (Christians of Apocalypse) published a video, dubbed in Georgian, in which Pierre Gilbert talks about vaccines being used to turn people into zombies through intentionally poisoning their blood and planting liquid crystals in brain during the course of the vaccination against infections. He also adds that this technology has already been used in Rwanda. The same video, although without a description, was also published by a Facebook user Gocha Chumashvili.



The claim that, through the vaccination, liquid crystals are planted in human brain which are subsequently turning them into zombies and that this method has already been used in Rwanda, is false. In fact, liquid crystal is one of the states of matter and it is impossible to plant it in brain. Considering that the Pierre Gilbert’s video was recorded in 1996, he probably means the 1994 ethnic genocide in Rwanda, not a vaccination campaign.

  • What is liquid crystal and can it be used for mind control?

According to Pierre Gilbert’s claim, liquid crystals would be placed in human brains through mandatory vaccinations, which would then become receivers of electromagnetic fields. Afterwards, the authors of this plan would control humans remotely and would send low-frequency waves that would dampen the thinking capacity. As a result, humans would turn into zombies.

In fact, liquid crystals are an indivisible part of living nature. It is one of the states of matter, discovered in 1888. Liquid crystals can be found both in nature and technology, and humans have a daily contact with them, for instance through soap or smartphone screens. Hélène Galiègue, a telecommunications specialist, mentioned in her interview with AFP Fact Check that liquid crystals cannot become receptors of electromagnetic fields. They are crystal structures and change their orientation based on temperature and pressure. Galiègue also explained that liquid crystals, due to their structure, would be impossible to be planted in brain. Moreover, in order for any type of micro-receptor to be able to transform any kind of wave into an electromagnetic one, it should have integrated elements – something that liquid crystals lack.

AFP Fact Check also reached out to the senior researcher for liquid crystals at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Michel Mitov, who explained that the liquid crystal is a state of matter, not a liquid substance that can be mixed with or added to other substances. Mitov also added that liquid crystals exist in nature and that we have an everyday contact with them.

  • What actually happened in Rwanda?

In his speech, Pierre Gilbert noted that a plan of mind control and zombification had already been implemented in Rwanda. Gilbert’s speech was recorded in 1996, while the Rwandan genocide happened in 1994. What happened in Rwanda was an ethnic cleansing, not mind control.

Between April and July 1994, extremist groupings of Hutus, Rwandan ethnic majority group, murdered as many as 800 thousand members of the Tutsi minority.

On April 6, 1994, a plane carrying the ethnically Hutu presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, was shot down near Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Nobody survived the attack. This events paved the way to violence. Members of Tutsi minority group were first murdered initially in Kigali, but in the following months the murders spread to entire Rwanda. The criminal acts were of systematic nature and it was organized military groupings and ordinary citizens, not zombies, who were murdering Tutsis due to hate, fear, or benefits.

About Pierre Gilbert

The person on the video, Pierre Gilbert, is the Head of an organization called Pleins Feux (Spotlight). According to the information on the website of the organization, Gilbert is a specialist of various directions of alternative medicine and a theologian. He was studying unidentified flying objects (UFOs) for 15 years and is currently interested in exposing and denouncing the organizational superstructures that govern this world.

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