“Blue Soviet Union” falsifies Baia Pataraia’s post

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Reading Time: 2 minutes


On January 30, Facebook page “Blue Soviet Union” published  a screenshot of falsified Facebook post allegedly written by women’s rights activist, Baia Pataraia. In addition, the “Blue Soviet Union” writes that Baia Pataraia urged women to abort white children in an earlier post.


The screenshot of the Facebook post published by the “Blue Soviet Union” has been falsified, while the post of the page regarding Baia Pataraia’s call for abortion of white children is a disinformation that was also spread as a faked screenshot on January 21. 

Why is the screenshot fake? 

No post of similar content has been found on Baia Pataraia’s Facebook page. At the same time, during the conversation with the “Myth Detector”, the activist denies the authenticity of the screenshot.


There are five likes and two shares on the fake screenshot of Baia Pataraia’s Facebook post. However, the company used this design from 2011 to 2017. Noted design significantly differs from the current one.


To illustrate this point, we suggest you Baia Pataraia’s authentic public post published on January 29. As the real screenshot shows, reactions, comments and shares are all in the same field and differ by color and style.


On January 21, the Facebook page “Presstitution” published another fake screenshot of Baia Pataraia’s Facebook post related to the abortion of white children, about which the “Blue Soviet Union” writes. The “Myth Detector” checked it on January 23.

Topic: Identity
Violation: Fabricated quote

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