Asaval-Dasavali and the Rights’ Defenders Union Praise Putin’s “Animated” Missile

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


In the March 5-11 issue of Asaval-Dasavali, Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, the Head of the Rights’ Defenders Union NGO and Giorgi Gigauri, a journalist, discussed Vladimir Putin’s annual address, during which he stated that Russia has a new cruise missile, equipped with nuclear warheads and with unlimited range.

According to Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, NATO’s hegemony has been overthrown and that Russia now dictates the flow of worldwide developments. As for the Asaval-Dasavali journalist, he supposed that Russia turned out to be much stronger than expected in Georgia or “even in the almighty United States”.

Vladimir Putin presented animated video clips to demonstrate the most recent achievements of the Russian arms industry at the address to the Federal Assembly on March 1. As Russian-language pointed out, the footage from animations was taken from a documentary titled “Satan” broadcasted on Russia’s state-run Channel One in 2007. According to, The same animation of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, Sarmat, was used again in a Channel One broadcast in 2011.


Vladimir Putin’s address and the demonstrational video clips were followed by active discussion and ironic comments from the Russian users of social networks, who expressed attitudes, different from those of the Georgian pro-Kremlin outlets. Part of the users were making fun of the video animations, while the other part was linking Putin’s address to the cocaine found in the Embassy of Russia in Argentina, as well as to social problems.

Asaval-Dasavali and the Rights’ Defenders Union

Russian users of Social Networks

Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, Rights Defenders’ Union: “As Putin mentioned, the new missile will have an unlimited range of action and an unpredictable flight trajectory. He also added that this weapon had been created as a response to the United States’ actions!.. NATO’s hegemony has been overthrown! From now on, no longer consider NATO the main military alliance, as Russia will dictate the worldwide developments.”

“Uncle Valodia, when will the cartoons begin?”

“Your face, when you are the Head of the Joint Staff of Russia and the sole person, that realizes that you will have to deal with Americans with cartoons.”


Giorgi Gigauri, Journalist of Asaval-Dasavali: “This sensational address of Putin basically has not been covered by the Georgian media. Russia turned out to be much stronger than expected in Georgia, or, even in the almighty United States.”

“Nuclear cocaine. Foreign Ministry warns, that excess consumption is harmful for the health of those around you.”

“This is probably the only case in history, when a drag cartel owns a nuclear weapon.”

“We are surrounded by enemies! However, we have got a nuclear weapon and meat, ready to die.”

“Hurray, we have got a new lethal weapon, now, instead of improving life in Saratov, we can turn the whole world into Saratov.”



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