Are There 5G Antennas in Tbilisi?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


A Facebook user, Dato Salukvadze, published a post on March 25, 2021 claiming that there are 5G extender devices in Tbilisi. The post comes with photos of Dinamo Arena, showing that there indeed is some kind of device on the building. Moreover, Dato Salukvadze also published another, similar post, showing a territory near Station Square on the photos. In this post, the author does not directly write that the photos show a 5G device, but writes the following in the description of the post: “Are these ‘conspiracy theories’ or ‘conspiracies’ too?”



The widespread information that there are allegedly 5G extender devices installed at Dinamo Arena, is false. Myth Detector contacted Dinamo Arena, Communications Commission, and MagtiCom. Dinamo Arena, in its comment with Myth Detector, stated that they are using Silknet and Magti antennas. According to the Communications Commission, Magti temporarily installed 5G transmitters in Tbilisi in 2020, but, as of today, 5G network is not available anywhere in Georgia. MagtiCom stated that the testing period did not include Dinamo Arena and the Station Square.

Myth Detector contacted Dinamo Arena with the aim of verifying the information. In a written answer, the representatives of Dinamo Arena stated that there are Silknet (Geocell) and Magti antennas on the roof, but they do not have information whether the companies allowed 5G access from the antennas.

Myth Detector also contacted the Department of Spectrum and Technology at the Communications Commission. The Head of the Frequency Spectrum Planning Group stated during a phone call that no licenses have been issued in Georgia on installing the 5G network. Therefore, as they claim, there are neither 5G antennas, nor extender devices or frequency spectrum bands either in Tbilisi or in any other Georgian city. According to the Department, even a state tender has not been yet announced.

The Department of Spectrum and Technology also commented that last year, per Commission’s permit, MagtiCom installed 5G transmitters for a trial period at various locations in Tbilisi (Rustaveli, Chavchavadze, Liberty Square). After the end of the trial period, all temporarily installed devices were uninstalled and returned to the Communications Commission. Therefore, as of today, the technology required for the 5G network is not even installed in Georgia under the trial period or conditions.

In order to find out, whether 5G antennas were installed at Dinamo Arena and the Station Square during the trial period, Myth Detector contacted the PR Manager of MagtiCom, Ketevan Natsvlishvili. She pointed out that the 5G technology was not tested at those locations.

MagtiCom’s statement regarding the trial launch of the 5G technology reads that the company does not plan to introduce the 5G network in Georgia in the coming three years, as there is no demand on this technology in the country’s industrial sectors yet.

It should also be noted that according to the World Health Organization, the frequency of radio waves, necessary for the 5G technology, is not harmful to health. Conspiracies related to 5G – that it allegedly causes the spread of the novel coronavirus – are periodically disseminated on social media. Myth Detector wrote about it earlier as well.

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