A Fake Post by “Corridor of Shame” and a Photo Manipulation about the Myth Detector

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


Update: A Facebook page „სტალინი“ (“Stalin”) has shared the fake information published by „სირცხვილის კორიდორი“ (“Corridor of Shame”). The post by Corridor of Shame is not pinned anymore as of November 15.

On November 13, 2019, a pro-governmental Facebook page Corridor of Shame, specialized in discrediting political opponents and activists as well as disseminating fake information, published a post containing fake information and a photo manipulation, according to which, Myth Detector had allegedly labelled posts by Corridor of Shame as truth.

Corridor of Shame pinned this post, meaning that every user of the page will see this fake post above else. In this way, Corridor of Shame aims to discredit Myth Detector, on the one hand, and increase the legitimacy of its own fake posts, on the other.

Myth Detector has published two articles about the fake information disseminated by Corridor of Shame.


Corridor of Shame created the photo manipulation based on a visual of an article, prepared by a journalist of სტუდია მონიტორი (Studio Monitor).



On September 13, the Facebook page published fake reports using the name of online media outlet Batumelebi, without indicating a respective link to the source of information. According to the Facebook post, the son of Salome Samadashvili of the United National Movement was studying at Moscow State University, where his tuition fee exceeded USD 20,000, whereas the tuition fee of Giga Bokeria’s daughter was GEL 16,451.

The material disseminated by Corridor of Shame is a fabrication, as Batumelebi has not published such an article. The most recent publication by Batumelebi on identical issue was about high expenses of government officials bore for the education of their children. Information about Salome Samadashvili having a son is fake, so she could hardly send anyone to Moscow for studies.

Myth Detector calls on its readers not to be misled and to report the post published by Corridor of Shame on the grounds of containing false news.

Violation: Disinformation

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