6 Georgian Songs Pro-Kremlin “Alt-Info” Failed to Hear at Tbilisi Protests

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On March 14, 2023, during the primetime program of the pro-Kremlin Alt-Info TV, speaking about the actions against the draft law “On the transparency of foreign influence”, Giorgi Kardava, the chairman of the pro-Kremlin “Conservative Movement” party, noted that the participants of these protests are not people who love and cherish Georgian traditions and identity, as national music was never played at the protests.

Giorgi Kardava, Conservative Movement: “These are not people who cherish and continue Georgian identity, Georgian traditions. Was national music, folklore played at the “liberast” rallies? No, because they hate them, despise them, and consider it outdated. The kind of music that normally makes a Georgian’s blood boil; it causes the opposite disgust for liberals. They don’t like our aesthetic…”

Screenshot 5 6 6 Georgian Songs Pro-Kremlin "Alt-Info" Failed to Hear at Tbilisi Protests

The claim that Georgian national songs were not played during the protests in Tbilisi is false. At least 6 Georgian songs were heard at the rallies, including the national anthem of Georgia, “Chakrulo”, “Khorumi”, “Hymn to Freedom”, “Sakartvelo Lamazo”, and the anthem of Dinamo.

On March 7, at the first reading, the Parliament of Georgia supported the draft law “On transparency of foreign influence” initiated by the “People’s Power” fraction. According to the bill, all non-commercial legal entities, including non-governmental and media organizations, with more than 20% of their annual income from foreign funds, were required to register as agents. The initiation of the draft law and its adoption in the first reading were followed by protests from the population. The protests took place on March 6-10. “Georgian Dream” stated in its March 9 statement that it would withdraw the draft law, and on March 10, the parliamentary majority dropped the draft law at the second reading.

Crowded rallies were held on March 7, 8 and 9. The national anthem of Georgia, “Freedom,” was played several times at the rallies. Among them, on March 7, when the law enforcement officers started to disperse the rally, the citizens sang the anthem of Georgia in front of the water jet.

The Georgian folk song “Chakrulo” was played at the rally held in front of the Parliament of Georgia on March 6. At the daytime rally on March 7, Dynamo’s anthem, “For the glory of Georgia, victory, Dynamo!” was also played. The inclusion of Dynamo’s anthem was related to the club’s critical statement on the “Transparency of Foreign Influence” bill the previous day.

At the rally on March 9, the song “Hymn to Freedom” was also played several times. At the same rally, citizens performed the Georgian traditional dance Khorumi several times.

Screenshot 6 4 6 Georgian Songs Pro-Kremlin "Alt-Info" Failed to Hear at Tbilisi Protests
Source: “Formula”

At the rally on March 9, the participants sang the song “Sakartvelo Lamazo” at the initiative of Paata Burchuladze.

Screenshot 7 5 6 Georgian Songs Pro-Kremlin "Alt-Info" Failed to Hear at Tbilisi Protests
Source: TV Pirveli

In addition to Georgian songs, the anthems of the European Union and Ukraine were also played at the protests.

“Myth Detector” has debunked a number of false and manipulative claims about the recent protests in Tbilisi. For more details, see our articles:

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