18+: disseminated video of “organ trading” depicts victims of Russian air bombing in Syria instead of black market trade victims in Turkey

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Reading Time: 3 minutes


On May 15, 2017, Georgian websites marshalpress.geitv.ge and dainteresdit.ge published material with identical content, titled “Greek media publishes footage showing organs harvested from children being traded in Turkey (18+)” and “+18 – 3 year old girl is being prepared to have her organs removed.” The materials published by Georgian websites are accompanied by a video which in its description holds allegations that Syrian children living in Turkey have their organs removed while they are still alive and that organ trafficking in Turkey is particularly widespread.

The materials circulated by marshalpress.ge, itv.ge and dainteresdit.ge are manipulative, since it does not show the situation in Turkey but casualties and an injured girl after a Russian air raid on the syrian village of Al-Qisabia on December 11, 2015. People who helped injured children are the members of Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation and not people trading with organs.

Real facts

1.The video does not respresent organ trade in Turkey, but the aftermath of the Russian bombing in Syria.

The video examination revealed that it was initially disseminated on December 11, 2015 by SMART News Agency in Arabic, under the headline “Russian airplanes are responsible for a massacre in the village of Al-Qasabiya in the south of Adlaby.” SMART News Agency, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development of France since 2013 publishes news of the Arab world. The video of SMART News Agency has been published by various Arabic publications including Al-Jazeera, a news agency that has been broadcasting for over 20 years in more than 100 countries worldwide.

2. The people shown in the video are volunteers of the Al-Sham Humanitarian Fund

The video portrays a man taking a t-shirt off a child who has been affected by the attack with a scissor. The man is wearing a blue shirt with a specific logo displayed. After checking the logo in the Google search engine, it was established that it belongs to a humanitarian organization. The Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation (Syrian humanitarian organization) offers a variety of humanitarian services to the Syrian population.

3. The girl appearing in the video is being put on the X-ray machine

The girl in the video, who is a victim of illegal organ trading by the claims of Marshallpress and other Georgian news agencies, is actually put on the digital panel of an X-ray machine for medical examination.

About the Source:

Marshalpress article suggests as source all.ge Facebook page, although the materials with this content could not be searched on this page. The articles of itv.ge and dainteresdit.ge are based on the publication of the Lebanese newspaper Ad-Diyar, which claims that there is an ongoing organ trading of Syrians in Turkey. The information about the ad-Diyar article was published by the Global Research Center on May 4, 2013, although the publication did not contain video recordings on the organ trade. The Global Research Center is an anti-western edition founded by Michel Chodokovsky, who at various times publishes articles against the West, and during the 2014 war conducted a strong anti-Ukrainian campaign. The ad-Diyar’s article itself cannot be found on the official website of the publication.

The fabricated video was uploaded on YouTube on May 12, 2017 by User Sigmund Freud. Sigmund Freud’s YouTube page contains 9 videos dicrediting the Israeli government. One of the videos released by him shows public burning of the Israeli Flag.

P.S: Facebook has banned the video on MarshallPress page, but it is still available on itv.ge and dainteresdit.ge. Itv.ge and dainteresdit.ge have published a second manipulative video that has already been verified by the Myth Detector Laboratory. The video has no connection whatsoever with Turkey, instead it contains images of an incident in Malaysia , a chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus, a liver transplant operation in Korea and other irrelevant footage.

Myth Detector Lab

Country: Syria, Turkey
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