Youth Attitude towards European Integration


The survey report presents findings of the questionnaire survey among the youth in 13 cities of Georgia

The survey has revealed that Georgia’s integration into the European Union is supported by 79% of youth that is much higher than the indicators of the NDI countrywide survey (61%). 

The report is divided into three section covering 1) socio-demographic component; 2) sources of information; 3) attitudes of youth towards and awareness of the process of European integration. The last section of the report depicts youth attitudes towards the various myth disseminated regarding the West and EU in Georgian society. 

Report findings are followed by a set of recommendations involving more youth-friendly communication; using TV and social media more intensively; making greater emphasis on regional youth; intensified teaching of English language; enhancing broadcast in ethnic minority languages; debunking negative expectations regarding identity and security; providing greater amount of objective information about controversial issues and myths about European integration and making stronger emphasis on the benefits of European integration.

Publication Date: September 2015  
Publisher: Media Development Foundation  
Questionnaire design and survey report: Lela Khomeriki 
Field works and data processing: Applied Research Center (ARC)   
Recommendations and editing: Tamar Kintsurashvili 

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