Myth Detector Lab - VI Group

1Giga Abashidze

Giga Abashidze has a BA degree in International Relations from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University with additional specialization in Far Eastern Regional Studies.


Inashvili against the Term “Occupation”

Disinformation as if Russian Fighter Jets Intervened in Georgia

"Nika Azikuri

Nika Azikuri has a BA degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities from Charles University in Prague. He also studied International Relations at American University in Rome. Presently, he is an intern at the Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC). Nika has undergone internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and is engaged in various conflict-related activities. In the near future he plans to continue his studies on Erasmus Mundus Master Program (Mundus MAPP) in Europe.


Disinformation as if the US does not want peace in Donbass

Three Manipulations by Sputnik Author about Lari, Fuel Prices and Tourism

"Mariam Gochitashvili

Mariam Gochitashvili is the third-year student of the Faculty of Public Administration at the University of Georgia. She has a keen interest in civic and public activities that will help her acquire knowledge and experience. Mariam has participated in a number of projects on informal education; she is experienced in working as an interviewer, organizer, volunteer and researcher. Mariam was Erasmus + scholarship holder in Poland, where she studied management. 

მარიამMariam Dangadze

Mariam Dangadze is the first-year student, studying psychology at the University of Georgia. She tries to take an active part in various informal education activities. Besides her profession, she has a keen interest in history, fiction, politics and journalism.


Disinformation as if Number of Foreign Nationals Residing in Georgia is Alarming

Myth as if Switzerland’s Neutrality Prevented Hitler from Invading It

Lugar Laboratory is Once Again Accused of Spreading Diseases, Now on the Occupied Territories

Manipulation as if Google Bans Keyword “Christian” as Unacceptable

ლინაLina Dolidze

Lina Dolidze has a BA degree in Politics and Diplomacy from New Vision University. She has been actively involved in various civic activities during the year. Lina is a member of the movement Russia is an Occupier and she dedicates most of her time to fighting against pro-Russian forces and Kremlin propaganda. Lina has worked for both local and international projects. In 2018, during the presidential elections, she had an opportunity to work as a TV host. She had frequent communication with journalists that sparked her interest in journalism. In future, she wants to create very interesting reports on traveling and culture.


Disinformation as if a Teenager was Killed through Euthanasia in the Netherlands

ანაAna Ebanoidze

Ana Ebanoidze studies law at Ilia State University. She has a keen interest in public law, particularly in media law. She has been actively engaged in the university activities since her first year at the university. Ana is a moderator at Human Rights Film Club of Ilia State University and has prepared several film screenings and discussions on the issues of freedom of expression and media law. Besides media law, Ana is actively engaged in constitutional law and undergoes internship at Judicial Empowerment and Legal Education Center at School of Law (Ilia State University).


Misinformation as if Poland builds a memorial to Hitler

Manipulation by Sputnik’s Political Analyst as if Lack of Russian Tourists Led to Economic Decline in Georgia

1qSalome Elisashvili

Salome Elisashvili has a MA degree in Public Policy and Administration from Tbilisi State University. At various times, she worked as an intern at Media and Communication Education and Research Center, Civic Education Lecturers Association and Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport. She has volunteer experience in terms of organizing educational projects and events. Salome is actively engaged in research activities and is interested in social, political and urban issues.


Manipulation by the Ministry of Transport of Russia as if the Czech Republic allegedly Violated an Aviation Agreement

Lavrov’s lie, as if 1,5 million refugees have returned to Syria and Sputnik’s fake photo

დGiorgi Iaganashvili

Giorgi Iaganashvili studies International Relations at the Faculty of Science and Art of Ilia State University with additional specialization in philosophy. He tries to be an active citizen and frequently get involved in various events. Giorgi has participated in a number of conferences and summer schools. He has undergone internships at Ilia State University’s Science and Art Administration. Presently, he is a member of PITA Tbilisi Youth Center. He dedicates most of his time to learning the Spanish language. Spheres of interest: Renaissance art, international politics, journalism, Kant’s philosophy.


Disinformation as if ITLOS has No Jurisdiction over Kerch Strait Dispute

Disinformation as if Norway Rejected Sanctions against Russia due to Fish Export

Ruling Party MP Defends Point 6 that Envisaged the Initiation of Negotiations on Abkhazia and South Ossetia Status

Alliance of Patriots against Term “Russia is an Occupier”

დMariam Kakhidze

Mariam Kakhidze is the third-year student of the Faculty of Law at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, studying International Law. She is an active member of Tinatin Tsereteli Science Society (in the sphere of criminal law) and a member of ILSA Georgia. Mariam is actively engaged in youth scientific activities and international or local projects. She is the author of a number of scientific articles, has participated in various academic conferences and modeling. She speaks five languages: Georgian, English, Russian, Italian and Chinese.


Kremlin Message Box in “Georgia and World” about Rusty American Tanks

ეMariam Kvirkvaia

Mariam Kvirkvaia is the first-year student, studying International Relations at Tbilisi State University. She is fond of reading and table games. Mariam has a keen interest in art, politics, journalism and languages.


Jachvliani sows skepticism towards the West and claims that Europe lifted the sanctions imposed on Russia

21Achiko Maisuradze

Achiko Maisuradze is the third-year student, studying International Relations at Tbilisi State University. Social activism does not attract him, but he appreciates its role in the today’s world. Achiko is interested in politics, economy, national defense and security. 


Three Lies of Russian and Georgian Media about Donbas

Disinformation, as if British are in a minority in London

12Soso Mezvrishvili

Soso Mezvrishvili is a student of Sociology MA Program at the Faculty of Science and Art of Ilia State University. Over the past years, he has been working independently in the field of military sociology, conducting research (on a voluntary basis) and analyzing various challenges in Georgia’s reality. 


Disinformation as if Van Rompuy Wants to Abolish “Homeland” and “Nationality”

"Tea Mikeladze

Tea Mikeladze is the second-year student of the Faculty of Law at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Presently, she undergoes internship at non-governmental organization GLOW and works as a trainer at the Training Center of Erasmus Student Network Tbilisi ISU. 


Disinformation as if Stoltenberg does not rule out accession of neutral countries to NATO

"Giorgi Nadiradze

Since January 2018, Giorgi Nadiradze has been the Executive Director of Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Georgia. In 2016-2018, he was a member of the board of directors at the same organization. Giorgi has a long experience of working at international non-governmental organizations. Presently, he is a student of Public Law and Policy Master Program at Ilia State University. In 2017, he was awarded BA degree in Law at Ilia State University. In 2018-2019, he attended the National Security and Public Policy Course at Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies; in 2018 – Higher National Defense Course at Defense Institution Building School; in 2019 – EU-Russian Relations and Baltic Regional Security Course at the University of Tartu.

"Giorgi Karalashvili

Giorgi Karalashvili studies International Relations and Political Sciences at Tbilisi State University. He has a keen interest in studying Russia’s soft power in Georgia frequently observed in various media outlets and social networks. Presently, he is working on an analytical paper regarding the influence of Russia’s soft power on Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic relations. Moreover, Giorgi names journalism as one of the interesting spheres among social and political sciences.


Four Lies of “Georgia and World” about Number of Muslims in Europe

Manipulation as if Children in Georgia are Given Turkish Names due to the Influence of TV Series

"Keso Chumburidze

Keso Chumburidze studies International Relations at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She believes that development of strategic communication sphere is extremely important for Georgia to resist the threats and indirect media propaganda coming from Russia.


"Mariam Talakhadze

Mariam Talakhadze is the third-year student, studying Journalism and Mass Communication at Tbilisi State University. About two years ago, she got interested in fact-checking; in 2018, within the framework of the Diversity School program, Mariam implemented the project Media Literacy aimed at raising awareness among school children about fake news and propaganda. Since 2017, Mariam has been engaged in volunteering. She takes an active part in student life; she had been an editor-in-chief of student newspaper within the framework of the print media educational course. Besides journalism, Mariam is interested in informal education, research activities and gender issues.   

"Elizbar Tvildiani

Elizbar Tvildiani is a student of the Faculty of Psychology at Ilia State University. He is interested in social and evolutionary psychology. Elizbar is especially interested in propaganda mechanisms, means of mass communication and effects of soft power to achieve both marketing and political interests.


qKetevan Jeladze

Ketevan Jeladze is a future physicist. She studies at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Along with her professional activities, she is looking for and studying correct and quality ways to provide information to people. Along with observation over abnormal particles in the micro-universe, she wants to share her or other scientists’ activities with others in a clear language. Just due to this or other reasons still being in the process of comprehension, she is interested in journalism. Eventually, she wants to combine her profession with the activities of a science journalist.