Myth Detector Lab - II Group

1qIrakli Iagorashvili

Irakli Iagorashvili is a student at the Faculty of Science and Arts of Ilia State University. He has been engaged in civil activism since 2013. He has participated in the projects by UN Association–Advancing National Integration in Georgia (ANI) and Promoting Integration Tolerance and Awareness (PITA). In 2015, he was in the United States in the framework of a short exchange program for visitors. In 2016, he worked as an intern at the American Corner Telavi. His spheres of interest include human rights, mainly ethnic and religious minority issues. He has been taking part in projects by Liberal Line (organisation).

Contest Material: 

Soviet Media Coverage of the Story of the Airplane boys


Videomanipulation by "Georgian Force", as if Afghan Migrant is Pushing a German Woman Down a Staircase

Four Myths about Ukrainian Church Autocephaly and Patriarchate of Constantinople

Disinformation about Stalin Allegedly Saving Germany from Economic Collapse

Infographic: Disinformation about Stalin Allegedly Saving Germany from Economic Collapse

Myths about Lavrenty Beria

Falsifying History: Stalin Awarded the Territory of South Ossetia to Georgia

How Russian Propaganda Tries to Question photos Showing the August War

Interview: Lasha Bakradze

Politicano justifies the occupation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union

Infographic: Vilnius-The Chronicle of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Occupations

The Falsification of History: In 1801 Georgia Joined Russia of Its Own Free Will

Timeline: Georgian-Russian relations in 1783-1918

გვანცა დევიძეGvantsa Devidze

Gvantsa Devidze graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in 2017. She worked in the University Newspaper and was a reporter at a literary journal – Our Poetry. She is interested in research. She was publishing conference works in the Media and Communication Education and Research Center, where she worked as a monitor. Gvantsa was an intern at the Department of Media and Public Communication of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia. Currently, she is self-employed as a tutor in foreign language for school children.

Contest Material:

Internet Trolling

The United Kingdom has made no demands for the expression ‘pregnant woman’ to be replaced

Manipulation by Alt-Info and Breitbart about prayer of Polish Catholics

Three Lies about the Visa-Free Travel

გურამ ვაშაყმაძეGuram Vashakmadze

Guram Vashakmadze graduated from the Governance and Public Sciences Faculty of the Tbilisi Free University in 2016. He is a member of Georgian National Ski Team. He carries out sport-related multimedia activities and is an adventure tourist. He is interested in media, politics and social sciences. He has work experience in both Georgian public and private sectors (National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, National Tourism Administration, LTD Caucasus Consulting Group), as well as foreign media companies (Red Bull Media, Teton, Gravity Research).

Contest Material:

Money that Has No Smell

How Viral BitCoinMiner.SX Accesses Computer to Earn Cryptocurrency

Video Manipulation by about Arabs Allegedly Insulting Christ

Interview: Davit Kvatadze
Data Exchange Agency, Ministry of Justice of Georgia

ეკატერინე ჯანიაშვილიEkaterine Janiashvili

Ekaterine Janiashvili is a second-year student at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Journalism and Mass Communications at Ivane Javakhishvili State University. Currently, she is a participant of a project by Journalistic Ethic Charter – Center for Liberalism Studies. In 2011-2012, she was a member of Children’s Council at the Apparatus of Public Ombudsman of Georgia.

Contest Material:

Homophobia and Hate Speech in Social Networks

Asaval-Dasavali, based on “For the Russian Case” Argues that the Revolution in Tsarist Russia was not Carried Out by Proletarians

დავით გელაძეDavit Geladze

Davit Geladze is a student at the Faculty of State Governance of Caucasus University. He is a winner of a campaign – Say No to Drugs, Let Us Change the Attitude - organized by the Ministry of Education in 2015. In the same year, he was a participant of Buckswood Summer School. In addition, Davit is a winner of the intellectual game – Who? Where? When – in Gori Municipality. He has participated in the projects – Me and the Constitution and Imitated Court. He was representing the Initiative Group of the Information Center on NATO and the EU on the 8th International Forum of Youth Organizations.

Contest Material:

Disinformation: USA Conducted Terrorist Attacks in the Occupied Crimea

ელენე ცუცქირიძეElene Tsutskiridze

Elene Tsutskiridze is a second-year student at the International Relations Department of Ilia State University. Elene has worked in a project by the coalition Education for Everyone Georgia – National Award of the Teachers - as an assistant. She speaks English, Russian and French languages. 

Contest Material:
Conspiracy theories concerning human "chip implantation on a massive scale" distributed by Russian and Georgian media outlets

Giphy: Georgian astrologer on Russian orbit


იოსებ ძამუკაშვილიIoseb Dzamukashvili

Ioseb Dzamukashvili graduated from the International Relations Faculty of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He also studied Political Science at the Charles University in Prague (2014-2015). In addition, he has completed a European Studies Course at Comenius University in Bratislava in the framework of Erasmus+ program. In 2015, he represented Georgia at the UN Conference at Oxford University. Ioseb has volunteered in several organizations. Currently, he is a programme coordinator at Erasmus Student Network. He is interested in propaganda-related issues, European Studies and Security.
His hobbies include photography, books, classic music and figure skating, he has been keeping a collection of coins since his childhood. He is also fond of travelling and he has been to 20 countries so far. He plans to get around every country in the world in the future. Ioseb intends to create a travel blog to describe his travel experiences. He has command of English, German and Russian languages.

Contest Material:

Gender Stereotypes in Georgian Commercials

Misinformation: According to a new law adopted in the Netherlands, a homosexual person can have sexual intercourse with a 12 year-old teenager.

Disinformation by GEWORLD.GE and Russian Media that Sanctions on Russia Could be Lifted

The statement of the Alliance of Patriots as if Foreign Nationals Can Change their Surnames to the Georgian Ones is a Lie

Interview: Giorgi Antadze
Georgian Young Lawyers' Association (GYLA)

თამარ გეგიძეTamar Gegidze

Tamar Gegidze is a first-year student at the Faculty of Philosophy of Ivane Javakhishvili State University. In the past, she has graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the same university.
Tamar was studying at the Center for Liberalism Studies and Civil Journalism Club. She was a journalist at, as well as an editor at Arili TV. She has worked as social media manager and PR manager. She would like to pursue a journalistic career.

Contest Material:

Budget Financing in Media

Manipulations about the Association Agreement  Allegedly Violating the Sovereignty of Georgia

Video: Pro-Russian parties trust Western Institution

რავილ მამედოვიRavil Mamedov

Ravil Mamedov is a third-year student at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Journalist of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He is the Founder and the Director at an NGO - Self Development University.
He has worked at the AGFM Radio as a host. He speaks Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkish languages.

Contest Material:

A Photo manipulation by Saqinform Regards USA and Ukraine as Supporters of Nazism

თამარ ჯიბუტიTamar Jibuti

Tamar Jibuti is a fourth-year student at the School of management and Public Sciences of the Free University. In 2016, in the framework of a summer exchange program, she studied US political system at the South Illinois University. She has been a member of various international youth organizations, including Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) and European Youth Parliament (EYP).
She is interested in economics, visual arts and modern technologies. She speaks English language. As she herself points out, she can have a basic communication with the French and the Spanish, as well. However, she plans to learn many more foreign languages in the future.

Contest Material:

Geworld Disseminated Fake Information on the Number of Muslims in Europe


Infographic: Share of Muslim Population in European Countries and Russia

giorgiGiorgi Rizhvadze

Giorgi Rizhvadze is a student at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Ivane Javakhishvili State University. He has taken a one-year course organized by the Center for Liberalism Studies (2016-2017). He writes blogs. He loves to camp, walk, listen to music, attend performances in theatre and opera, movies and interesting videos. He would like to get at least minimal knowledge on every sphere. He is interested in philosophy, politics, modern technologies, biographies of famous people, space and world news.

Contest Material:

Deflective Model in Georgian Media

Assertion, that Western societies were dreaming of a metropolitan subway systems while the Soviet Union was undergoing a ‘Reconstruction’, is incorrect

TV11’s Entertainment Video about Svaneti has been Portrayed as Reality by a Nationalist Facebook Page

StoryMap: The oldest metropolitans of the world

ლიანნაLianna Eloyan

Lianna Eloyan is a third-year student at the Faculty of Law in Ilia State University. Since 2014, she has been a member and one of the most active volunteers of Tbilisi Youth Center. She has participated in the following projects: Club of Young Leaders, 1+1=United Georgia, Protectors of Nature, Cultural Heritage of Georgia, Tutorium 2016 etc. She has conducted trainings on human rights and ethnic minority-related issues.
She speaks Armenian, Russian, Georgian and English languages.

Contest Material:

Professional Stereotypes

Speculations on New Preschool Education Standards

Interview: Nino Beselia
Head of Pre-School Education Development Division of the Ministry Education and Science

Interview: Maia Kuparadze
UNICEF Education Officer

მარიამ ფაცაციაMariam Patsatsia


Mariam Patsatsia graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at Ivane Javakhishvili State University in 2017. Mariam has been an intern at the Danish Refugee Council and the Tbilisi office of the International Transparency Georgia. In 2015, she studied in Vilnius University (Lithuania) in the framework of an exchange program. Her research interests include nationalism, conflict and peace issues.
Mariam has been working as a journalist and a translator in the Observer Newspaper.

Contest Material:

Strategic Action Plan of the Government of Georgia on the Communication of Georgia’s Membership to EU and NATO

Two Lies about the Association Agreement with the European Union

Russian news agency TASS and Georgian Saqinform manipulate a statement made by the NATO Secretary General

მერაბ დობორჯგინიძეMerab Doborjginidze

Merab Doborjginidze is a Law student at Ivane Javakhishvili State University. In 2012-2013, he was studying in the School of Debates. He was also a member of Lanchkhuti Youth City Assembly and the Head of the School Self-Government. He was working in the Union of Young Pedagogues as a volunteer in 2014-2015. He writes blogs about law and politics.

Contest Material:

Religious Censorship in the Media

The Falsification of History: Confrontation between Georgians and Abkhaz was led by ethnic Turk, Konstantin Ozgan; the Kremlin is innocent


ლალიტაLalita Alexandria

Lalita Alexandria is a student of the Faculty of Public Governance in the University of Georgia. She has completed courses in human resource management, strategic management and marketing. She has participated in several programs by the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies and is a member of several NGOs. Lalita holds several diplomas with honors for several student conferences and competitions in literature. She has participated in international conferences, seminars and study courses. She speaks English, Spanish and Italian languages. Currently, she is studying German.

Contest Material:

Gender Stereotypes in Georgian Media

Misleading statement by Alliance of Patriots of Georgia member  regarding NATO-Russia Dialogue

Pro-Russian Media Justifies Repressions in 1937

მარიამ მუმლაძეMariam Mumladze

Mariam Mumladze is a fourth-year student at the School of Public Sciences in the Free University. She has written blogs about social media, technologies and travel on Socialsharks and Mariam was the Vice-President of European Students' Forum (AEGEE) and has since been actively engaged in its various local and international projects. She is interested in arts, photography and modern technologies, especially their point of intersection.

Contest Material:

Fabricated image used by "Antiliberal Channel" about migrants, is in fact a grabbed movie  frame


Disinformation about how the EU was campaigning against Baltic cows for 800 euros