Who celebrated Primakov’s jubilee in Tbilisi?

4 November, 2019

According to Gorchakov Fund, Yevgeny Primakov’s 90th jubilee was celebrated on October 31, at Yevgeny Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center in Tbilisi.

As the distributed photo shows, the leader of “Free Georgia” Kakha Kukava attended the event along with Dimitri Lortkipanidze. Director of the Primakov Center, Dimitri Lortkipanidze, stated on the meeting that memorial plaque for Yevgeny Primakov would be put up at 10 Sankt-Petersburg Street, in Tbilisi, in 2021.  

Leonid Drachevsky, Gorchakov Fund’s Executive director, also attended the meeting. 

About the “Gorchakov Fund” 

The “Gorchakov Fund“ was established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the order of then-Russian President Medvedev in 2010 and is one of Russia’s soft power instruments.

About Primakov

Yevgeny Primakov was a Russian politician, who in different years held the position of Russia’s Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, in addition, was the head of the USSR’s and then Russian Federation’s Intelligence and Security Structures.  

Primakov became a candidate member of the Communist Party’s Politbureau in 1989. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Primakov was a Deputy Director at Russia’s Security Service (KGB) and headed the Foreign Intelligence direction. After the abolition of the KGB, he became head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence.

In 1996, Russian’s President Boris Yeltsin appointed Yevgeny Primakov Minister of Foreign Affairs, while in 1998 he became a Prime Minister. Primakov has been especially active on the issue of Kosovo conflict. He was dismissed from the post of Prime Minister following 8 months. According to Yeltsin, he did not manage  to present a concrete economic plan for the development of the country. 

Primakov tried to convince Yeltsin to activate Russia’s policy in former Soviet Union Republics and was one of the apologist of the Soviet Expansionism. 

Primakov actively opposed the idea of NATO enlargement to the East. He saw Russia the center of one of the powers of multipolar world and supported the initiative for the formation of strategic triangle - Russia, China and India.