Weekly fun: Russian politician after trump's victory: "America is Ours”

11 November, 2016

After winning presidential elections by Donald Trump in the United States of America, the member of ruling political party "Edinaia Rasia" (United Russia), Ernest Makarenko disseminates video on Instagram, stating: "America is ours!".

"America is ours! You have been noted that U.S. as well as Crimea was overtaken in a very polite and modest way. A month ago, I congratulated Mr. Trump today’s victory. I am very glad that finally U.S. learned to fulfill reached agreements. Eventually, Americans pondered on the role of Moscow, but they did not know the primary thing: The power of great Russian language. For decades, we are crooning words "Trumpumpum” all over the country. Winnie Pooh, the character of iconic soviet cartoon made them a worldwide hit and Americans were also quietly crooning when arrived at polling stations:"Trumpumpum". I am rising this glass of Russian-Crimean champagne to celebrate your victory Mr. Trump! Panicking liberals are deleting abuse towards you in social networks, however we had recorded everything. And soon we will tell to all liberals: Trumpumpum”