U.S embassy Moscow responded on twitter to известия.рф-'s false letter

19 November, 2015

U.S Embassy Moscow responded on its Twitter-page to the Russian daily "Известия" -‘s fake letter. On November 18, "Известия" published falsified exchange of correspondence between the U.S. State Department and Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev.

The U.S Embassy pointed out various factual and grammatical mistakes in the falsified letter and questioned its authenticity. According to the fake letter, the U.S Department of State advises Alekseev to communicate with U.S Embassy Moscow’s employee on financial or organizational issues. The employee's e-mail address is also specified, which is registered on domain, instead of

The US Embassy posted on twitter this fraudulent letter with multiple remarks indicating different grammatical and factual errors and commented: "Dear Известия.рф. the next time you use a fake letter, send it to us - we will be happy to help correct errors. Sincerely, the U.S. State Department."

On November 18, the Russian daily "Известия" - published an article entitled as "LGBT activists are used to discredit Russian officials." The alleged exchange of correspondence was used as the documentary evidence. An article also stated as if the "letter" became public with the help of hackers. It also discussed some Russian officials’ sexual orientation.