Sponsored Post Spreads Disinformation with Separatist Content

5 October, 2020

On October 4, Facebook page Armen Ararad that was created on September 29 published a post containing disinformation. The post involves a drawing with Georgia’s Samtskhe-Javakheti Region marked in red and portrayed as part of Armenia. The drawing is accompanied by English-language and Georgian-language captions containing disinformation: “Akhalkalaki is Armenia. Akhaltsikhe is Armenia. ახალქალაქი არის სომხეთი. ახალციხე არის სომხეთი.” 


The post containing disinformation and portraying two cities of Georgia’s Samtskhe-Javakheti Region as part of Armenia, in light of escalation of conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, aims at fomenting strife in the society. 

The post published on the page created six days ago has been sponsored. It was published at 4:14 pm, October 4 and it got 5,200 views within 4 hours. 


No other post other than the profile picture can be searched on the page.