Russian Conspiracies by Geworld about Sex Education

22 August, 2019

On August 13, 2019, an online edition Georgia and the World published an article titled “What Do We Need Now? ‘Opening the Spiritual Eye’”. The article negatively assesses the introduction of sex education at schools and notes that it causes impotency, teenage pregnancy, abortions, and homosexuality. According to the author, sex education is also connected to a decrease in intellect.

Georgia and the World: “Psychologists warn us that ‘sex education’ in early age encourages sexual life among children. Apart from spiritual degradation, it leads to impotency, teenage pregnancy, abortions. Moreover, it causes a decrease in intellect and creative skills, psychological disability towards family life, and inclination towards homosexuality.”

The information given in the article by Georgia and the World is not based on any study that would confirm the given statements about the alleged negative consequences of introduction of sex education at schools. Identical information about sex education allegedly causing “spiritual degradation”, decrease in intellect, impotency, increase number of abortions, and homosexuality has been disseminated in both Georgian and Russian media for years.

  • Goals of sex education

Demoralization, impotency, teenage pregnancy, and abortions are neither the goal, nor the outcome of sex education. In addition, homosexuality and a decrease in creative skills are in no connection with sex education.

Sex education helps young people approach sexual and reproductive health issues with a higher level of responsibility. Studies do not support the alleged connection between the introduction of sex education and an increase in sexual activity or risk-related actions.

In addition, the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education by UNESCO includes arguments and facts showing that the absence of sex education programs does not affect the prevention of a premature sexual activity, frequency of sexual acts, or the number of sexual partners.

  • In those countries of Europe where sex education has been introduced, pregnancy rates among teenagers are low.

According to the 2017 data by the World Bank, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland are in the list of the countries where adolescent fertility rate for women aged 15-19 is the lowest in the world. In Switzerland, there are only 2.9 births per every 1,000 women aged 15-19, the same indicator equals 3.9 in the Netherlands, 4.8 in Belgium, and 6.1 in Italy. In the given countries, sex education was gradually introduced to schools since the early 1970s.


In comparison, in the Caucasus Region, where no comprehensive sex education classes are taught at schools, the birth rate among teenagers is quite high. In Georgia, there are 46 births per every woman aged 15-19, in Azerbaijan – 54, in Armenia – 23, in Russia – 22.


  • Number of abortions is significantly lower in the Western Europe than in Russia

According to official country statistics, abortion rate among women aged 15-49 is 6.2 in Italy (2017), 6.3 in Switzerland (2017), 8.5 in the Netherlands (2016), and 9.3 in Belgium (2011).

As for Russia, as of 2015, abortion rate among the women aged 15-44 equals 19.9.

Identical Conspiracy in Russian Media

The conspiracy that the introduction of sex education at schools is allegedly connected to homosexuality, decreased intellect, impotency, teenage pregnancy, and abortions has been translated by Geworld from Russian and the website of “Missionary-Apologetic Project” –


Georgia and the World has disseminated disinformation and manipulation about sex education earlier as well. For details, please see an older publication by Myth Detector.