Most widespread 200 lies of Russia

11 February, 2016

Myth Detector continues publishing most prevalent lies of Russia. The source is web-portal Russia Lies which combines 200 cases at this moment.

In order to achieve its various propagandist purposes during ongoing hybrid war in Ukraine, Russian media repeatedly tries to manipulate with such sensitive issues as infants, elders and Orthodox Church. In this regard, quite diverse myths are created. They are very far from reality and sometimes even curious.

On July 15, 2014 Russian media outlet "SputnikNews” accused Ukrainian nationalists of torturing and murdering two priests for helping pro-Russian forces. Anton Geraschenko, the Advisor to the Interior Minister of Ukraine was cited as a source. "Sputniknews” also reported about another orthodox priest, who was detained by the Ukrainian military. After release, the priest stated that he was beaten, in order to confess his connection to pro-Russian forces.

Actually, on July 14, Anton Geraschenko stated that they exhumed a grave in which were buried two priests, killed by pro-Russian forces. Besides that, two sons of one of these two priests were also found. They were tortured and killed only because they helped Ukrainian Soldiers.

Russian media falsificated the fact, Geraschenko’s words and reported unreasonable parallels in order to convince the readers that Ukrainian soldiers torture orthodox priests.