The European Court did not consent to the withdrawal from the "Black-list" of Dimitri Kiselev

26 June, 2017

On 15 June 2017, the European Court of Justice did not support the request of Dimitri Kiselev,Russia Today's chief executive, for the removal of his surname from the ‘black-list’ of the Council of Europe and imposed a fine on the applicant.

Dmitri Kisiliev was appealing for the European Court of Justice to review the decision  taken by the Council of Europe on March 17, 2014 (2014/145/CFSP). The aforementionned decision ascertains the restrictive measures against the actions threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty or independence of Ukraine. The second article of the Council of Europe resolution envisages the freezing bank accounts of all individuals or legal entities that threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Furthermore, Article 1 of the decision, above-mentionned persons are not entitled to enter or transit into the territory of the member States of Council of Europe.

Dmitri Kisilov, the head of the Russian news agency "Russia Today", was among those affected by the decision of the Council of Europe.

Kisillov asked the court to remove his surname from the Council of Europe's ‘black-list’, because according to his statement, the Council of Europe did not present any argument strong enough to prove that the criteria for entering the ‘black-list’ applied to him.

The court did not meet Kisilov's demands of removing him from the list, because Kisilov is one of the central figures of Russian propaganda, whom Putin himself appointed as the head of a Russian propagandistic news agency covering news events from Ukraine in a manner supportive to Russia and encouraging the deployment of Russian military forces in Ukraine.