Disinformation: New legislation takes away custody of children from homophobic parents in Canada

5 July, 2017

On June 19, 2017, Russian Internet news edition "Kolokol Rosii" released material that according to a new 89th law adopted in Canada, families who have negative views towards single-sex marriage will have children removed from the household.

Kolokol Rosii: "In early June, Ontario Parliament ratified a law, which states that parents, who denounce ‘untraditional’ marriage and gender ideology, will be stripped of the custodianship of their child."

The information disseminated by Kolokol Rosii is misleading, as the 89th bill does not take into account the removal of children from their parents who are critical of LGBTQ persons getting married.

As stated by Article 74 of the fifth part of the 89th draft law supporting children, young people and families, a child must leave the family if:

  • If the child is a victim of physical or sexual abuse;
  • If the child is at risk of physical or sexual violence;
  • If the family is aware of the fact that the child is a victim of sexual or physical violence and does not take adequate measures of prevention;
  • If a child exhibits severe depression, self-destructive behavior, aggression;
  • If the child's parents are deceased and the issue of child care is not properly arranged;
  • If a child is under 12 years of age and because of his parents’ negligence or by their encouragement, causes another person or his property serious harm.

This law makes no mention of LGBTQ marriage issue at all.

Accordingly, the information disseminated by Kolokol Rosii is fictitous.

Prepared by Luka Bibineishvili
Myth Detector Laboratory