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Myth Detector is Media Development Foundation’s (MDF) project aimed at debunking fake news and studying propaganda methods and strategies revealed in Georgian language media.

On the basis of Myth Detector, youth-oriented “Myth Detector Lab" was established with the support of Deutsche Welle Akademie. The overall goal of the project is to respond on disinformation challenges by means of strengthening media literacy, promote critical thinking and enhance tools to distinguish quality media products from manipulating media content among youth.

Myth Detector Lab participants are selected based on competition. Young participants undergo 3,5-month program on weekly basis in media literacy, which provides knowledge on the role and functioning of media in democratic societies; transparency and accountability of media; verification tools and skills needed for production of multimedia content for self-expression. Internship in gives opportunity to students to produce fact-checking articles and multimedia content. At the end of the program, competition to reveal the best students’ multimedia content is organized. Prepared materials are evaluated by special jury, which selects 4 best media content for each group. The winners of the first two programs are already known. They’ve received special awards and two authors of the best works will participate in 2018 Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany.

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